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Wedding Venue Changed; The “Bobby Cleveland Cleveland to Clevelander Wedding Tour Extravaganza” Planned Instead

As many of you know, I’m getting married on May 2!

That’s right – in just one short month I will be marrying my lovely fiancée, Tammy. However, due to the enormous amount of RSVPs, it seems that even my massive Bobby Cleveland Racing Facility in Locust Grove, Georgia, will not be able to contain the hoard of wedding attendees prepared to descend on the small town!

This wedding thing has gotten too big for even my britches… and my place. Even though I have a big house, with lots of land, we just can’t squeeze ‘em all in.  So, we’re taking the show on the road!

To fulfill all the RSVPs, I’m planning on moving the wedding to a new venue – FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio – home of the NFLs Cleveland Browns.


The stadium’s capacity (76,000) will hopefully allow for enough room to host everyone exited for the ceremony. And in addition to alerting you all about this change of venue for the ceremony, I would like to cordially invite each of you to join me for the wedding reception! I’m moving that to the Clevelander Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida.


I know that the drive from Ohio to Florida for the reception may be taxing, so I’ve gone ahead and rented a few hundred rooms at various hotels around Cleveland, Tennessee so we can make a pit stop.

I hope all our guests don’t mind being part of what i’m now calling my “Bobby Cleveland Cleveland to Clevelander Wedding Tour Extravaganza”! To complete the experience, thousands of custom shirts are already ordered, and my Engine Answerman team is working tirelessly to ensure we have the appropriate amount of police escorts for the long haul down 1-71 and 1-75.

I hope to see you there! To receive details via e mail and a special gift, RSVP below.

Fill out my online form.


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