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Flashback Fridays – 1958 Chevrolet Impala

1958 Chevrolet ImpalaIn 1958, the Chevy lineup took a new direction. Some of the most desirable car models were the hardtop Impala sport coupes and convertibles. Their elusive one-year body design and wide variety of engine options made them a top choice for many car buyers. The large chrome air scoops, ribbed body sill panels and six taillights gave this year’s Impalas a distinct look from other Chevy vehicles. This is why many car enthusiasts consider them a top choice for restoration projects.


Performance of the 1958 Chevrolet Impala

Anyone searching for a full-size Chevy during this era wanted a car that performed well. When a prospective buyer wanted an inexpensive style and power combination, the base engine in a 1958 Impala, a Blue Flame inline-six, delivered the goods. Combined with the Rochester carburetor, the car created 145 horsepower. The next level up was the Turbo-Fire 283 V8 engine, which provided 185 horsepower. For a mere $27 more, a driver could enjoy the Super-Turbo Fire V8 engine, which brought an additional 45 horsepower. To take full advantage of Chevy’s largest engine option, a driver could select the Rochester fuel-injected Ram-Jet 283 cubic-inch V8. The 1958 Impala was filled with impressive performance possibilities all wrapped in an attractively designed package.


1958 Impala Driving Excitement

Although the 1958 Impala would never be mistaken for a sleek imported sports car, it provided great enjoyment on the road. Inside the vehicle, the transmission took a great deal of space in the back, but the front seat could comfortably fit three people. Despite the large size, handling was responsive, and the engine allowed for adequate speed.



Impala was always a top name in the Chevy lineup, and enthusiasts were fond of the 1958 model, especially the convertible option. Since it has become increasingly difficult to find adequate replacement parts for this model, prices have soared. Today, 1958 Impalas with optional 348 cubic-inch V8 engines are quite desirable. Coupes in good condition may be worth up to $34,000, and convertibles may sell for over $60,000.

Much of the attraction to the 1958 Impala is the pleasant memories it helped create. The “Fabulous Fifties” was a fun era that has been captured perfectly in this Chevy model. It may be a great restoration project for anyone looking to harness an iconic part of the automobile industry.


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