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“Goldfinger” Aston Martin to debut in Austin, Texas, this spring

In last week's post regarding the best movie cars, there were a lot of omissions. (After all, confining the best cars in all movies ever to only three selections can be a little restrictive). However, this week, we get the chance to talk about one of the cars cited by a lot readers as one of the most egregious exclusions, the 1965 AstonMartin DB5 made famous by 007 himself in the cinema classic "Goldfinger."

Introduced in 1963, the DB5 has impressive specs given its age. The particular model used in the film has a triple SU carbureted dual-overhead cam in-line 4-litre V6 capable of garnering 282 horsepower. It can also go zero to 60 in just over seven seconds, hitting a top speed of roughly 145 miles per hour. (The car's first owner was Beatles' guitarist George Harrison, and the vehicle was also equipped with the highest safety standards of the time at the request of the Beatles' then manager, who was worried about the bands' physical well-being.)

The car was sold at an auction this summer, when its most recent owner decided to part with the vehicle. Thinking that with the financial crisis in Europe on his side he would be able to get a competitive price, the buyer secured the vehicle with the winning bid.

"I know all about Aston-Martin DB5's, and I'll bet I've seen Goldfinger about a hundred times!" The mystery buyer told The Garage, a car blog dedicated to discussing the interesting stories of dedicated car owners and enthusiasts.

However, those who aren't able to afford such famous vehicles can get a glimpse of the car or even a photo at the helm, provided they live near or are willing to make the journey to Texas this May. Concours d’Elegance of Texas, advertised as one of the biggest motoring events in the state, will be showing the car as part of the festivities on Sunday May 6, in Montgomery, Texas, at La Torretta Lake Resort and Spa.

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