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Grant Hinton – STA-BIL® Marine


Grant Hinton, 20, is a self-taught fisherman. In middle school, Hinton’s family often visited the lake for recreation and he began to take advantage of the still time in the morning before all the activities began. “I wanted to start fishing from the dock where we kept our boat in order to pass the time,” he said. “I bought a little, inexpensive fishing pole, supplies, and a minnow bucket and fished for crappie every morning.” After a year of fishing with beginner supplies, Hinton bought himself his first bait casting rod/reel and decided to try his hand at catfishing. While waiting for the catfish to bite, he would still fish for crappie. Unexpectedly, Hinton’s bass fishing career began from there. “One day I caught a two pound largemouth bass on my crappie pole. Because that was so much fun, I decided to buy bass fishing gear and pursue that,” he said. Hinton then started to fish in small club tournaments which led to earning sponsorship. Today, Hinton owns his own boat and fishes the more serious TBF (The Bass Federation) Trail. He attributes his current skill set to practicing and learning everything he can: “Everything I know is from my own personal fishing experience, watching online videos and articles about what other people have done, and learning from people I fish with in tournaments,” he said. Hinton has come a long way from first learning to fish on Lake Wappapello in Southeast Missouri.


Hinton’s relationship with STA-BIL® Fuel Stabilizer began early in his career. At first Hinton sought out sponsorship because he “thought it was cool” and gave him pride. However, his perspective soon changed. “After a short time I realized how supportive sponsors can be and it gave me a whole new outlook on fishing and business as well,” Hinton said. “I can say with 100% certainty that I want to have STA-BIL® in my future.” As his relationship with STA-BIL® has grown, Hinton has also appreciated the support STA-BIL® has allowed him on a personal level. He now has a close relationship with Public Relations and Events Marketing Manager, Bruce Kaufman, and feels that he is part of the company. “I am truly proud to represent them,” Hinton said.

When it comes to beginner fisherman, Hinton willingly shares advice. He tells everyone to start fishing for fun if they want a future in competitive fishing. “Just get out there like I did,” he said. He cites various resources that he used for anyone who is looking for some extra help: “between internet videos, blogs, fishing expos, and social media, there are so many resources out there that can help.” Hinton himself started out with zero fishing knowledge so he understands the struggle of learning the sport. He appreciates fishing even more because you don’t have to be a pro to do it: “A four year old has as much right to fish as an 80 year-old and everywhere in between.”


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