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Hawaii Lawmakers Eliminated the Ethanol Mandate

In an effort to move citizens toward eco-friendly fuels, United States legislators have mandated that gasoline suppliers make ethanol, a corn-based gasoline mixture, available to the public. The process has not gone smoothly. As with most new technologies, it costs more to produce than the financial benefits it offers.


Benefits of Eco-fuel

EthanolLegislative proponents of ethanol production tout the benefits of the eco-fuel’s production for local economies. However, some American states have not seen these promised financial benefits and have stopped mandating that service stations provide eco-friendly gas. Hawaii is the second such state to do this.

The most common ethanol mix is 85 percent gasoline and 15 percent ethanol. At this time, using fuel that contains ethanol is a sacrifice. Although users of the fuel can take solace in the fact they are doing their part to support environmental efforts, ethanol is less fuel-efficient, more expensive in some areas and more corrosive to automobile engines than normal gasoline.


Drawbacks of Ethanol

Ethanol production also raises issues on the supply side by increasing the demand and the price of consumer corn. Even some environmentalists are against its use and production. Because of the myriad of factors involved and the rise of other alternative fuel sources, it is unclear what these issues mean for consumers and may even be negligible.

For now, Americans can count on two staples. Automobiles still run on gasoline, and American classic cars produce wonderful sights and sounds as their engines rumble and their tires leave smoke on the road.

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