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Mercedes Benz Outdid Itself With the 1965 250se Convertible

Mercedes Benz is known for its luxurious and stately vehicles. Its designs were always ahead of the times. Despite the brand’s conservative nature, it hit the 1960s with its “fintail” W111 series of sedans that contained contemporary details, including wraparound front and rear windshields. This styling set the stage for the 1965 Mercedes 250SE.


Engine Design and Other Features

1965 Mercedes Benz 250se ConvertibleThe 1965 250SE was a smash hit. The handsome exterior and 2.5 liter six-cylinder engine made a great combination. The car was estimated to produce 150 horsepower and go from 0 to 60 mph in 11.8 seconds. The manufacturer claimed this vehicle could reach top speeds of 118 mph. To assimilate into the luxury market, this engine was crafted slightly larger than the ones used in previous models. The car also included a self-leveling suspension and disc brakes.



This two-door cabriolet had flair, but it also performed well. Thanks to its four-speed manual transmission and engine, it produced 148 horsepower. Due to its great response to the road, this convertible was always considered a joy to drive. It was fun to maneuver down country roads and cruise the freeways at high speeds.


Famous Owners of the 1965 Mercedes 250SE

One of the most famous men to ever own a 1965 Mercedes 250SE was film star Clint Eastwood. He acquired the car as a gift from Elliot Kastner, a notable American producer. The car featured a stunning “Weiss” white paint job that was accentuated by a deep lipstick red leather interior, Makassar Ebony wood dash and window surrounds, and black top. Eastwood enjoyed the vehicle for a significant amount of time.

The 250SE cabriolet was extremely rare. Between 1965 and 1967, only 2,105 units were built. Since it is one of the last surviving hand-built Mercedes models, any collector looking for a truly unique classic would love this vehicle.

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