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Muscle Mondays – 1967 Chevy Corvette

1967 Chevrolet CorvetteAlso known as the Sting Ray, the 1967 Chevy Corvette was the last model of the second generation, making the vehicle a C2. The second generation spanned five years. Modifications included removal of most of the trim and flags on the fenders. Functional five-slot vents were added to the fender, and the model featured a fixed 31-inch radio antenna. On the inside, the parking brake was moved from under the dashboard to its new position in between the seats; this was the first time the parking brake appeared in this location on a Corvette model.

As a result of new safety regulations, the knock-off wheel option was altered to utilize five lug nuts to secure the wheel. The lug nuts were concealed by a snap-on chrome center cap. The exterior lighting was redesigned to include dual taillights, which marked a departure from the previous single light with optional backup light. The backup lights on the ’67 model were mounted above the license plate. The convertible model’s optional hard top was made of black vinyl, which followed the current trend among cars during the late ’60s.


About the 1967 Chevy Corvette

The vehicle’s engine was coded L88 and marked Chevrolet’s closest regular production offering to a pure racing engine. The engine featured lightweight heads, larger ports, a hotter camshaft, small-diameter flywheel, aluminum radiator and 12.5:1 compression. The L88’s true rating was reported to be approximately 560 bph at 6400 rpm despite being advertised at 430 bph at 4600 rpm. Other modifications included the redesign of the Big-Block hood bulge as a scoop; the 1967 Corvette was also the last model to include fuel injection until 1982.

Despite the ’67 Corvette’s exciting design and engineering, the vehicle’s sales were down more than 5,000 units due to anticipation of a new Corvette model in 1968. Nevertheless, the 1967 Chevy Corvette is often regarded as the best of the line.

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