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Old names, new attitude: Looking forward to model year 2014

For model year 2014, car companies from all over the world are taking a big step forward by releasing all-new models that are sure to redefine the marketplace.

Stateside, automakers are revamping a few classic nameplates by pumping out all-new iterations of models that are currently starting to show their age. Chevrolet is taking the lead in this category, as it has not one but two new models in the pipeline.

Despite only being a model year away, an official image, other than a redesigned badge, has yet to be released of the 2014 Corvette. What we do know is that the upcoming seventh generation of the consistently reliable standard-bearer will feature a brand new 6.2-liter V-8. Despite speculation from numerous sources that the next American supercar will resemble the Stingray concept car touted at the international show circuit all last year, it’s never safe to assume. Thats what Motor Trend did back in 2004 when they prematurely debuted the C6, and the actual product was far less ambitious than what the magazine promised readers.

Another reboot that the boys at GM are excited about is the new Impala, which looks like a marked improvement over the current generation. Only downside may be that the car still sits on a front-wheel-drive platform, but this people mover looks like it may actually get some non-fleet units off the dealer lots.

Though there is good reason to be excited about these American models, some of the coolest cars on the way were developed across the pond. Bond may have gone nostalgic for his recent outing in “Skyfall,” but the 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish features a lightweight body and a monster V12 that is sure to scream.

What cars are you excited about seeing next year? Leave your comments below:

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