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Protect Your Engine’s Lubrication System

From Morven via Wikimedia Commons - https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/f9/Boss_429.jpg/1280px-Boss_429.jpg
From Morven via Wikimedia Commons

When caring for a vehicle, sometimes the simple things can make the biggest difference in its life and function. The engine is one of the most critical components of the car, and, if it’s not taken care of properly, it quickly wears down and causes damage to the rest of the vehicle. The lubrication is one of the most critical sections to maintain, and fortunately, the process can be as easy as remembering a few tips.

Do Not Overload the Engine

One of the most important things to avoid doing is overloading the engine. Drivers should always drive carefully and take it easy on their ignition. The lubrication system around their engine can wear down and gum up if drivers are always pushing their cars too hard and too often. When in doubt, refer to the driver’s manual to figure out the best way to drive the vehicle. Changing driving habits can help extend the car’s life for the long term.

Sometimes there may be hidden problems that drivers are incapable of finding themselves. If the engine is starting to show signs of wear, it is critical to have the vehicle checked at a professional body shop as soon as possible. In addition to repair maintenance, it is crucial for drivers to consults with the body shop’s experts on a regular schedule. Preventative maintenance can help stop all types of engine lubrication problems before they start.

Use a High Quality Oil Stabilizer

Using a high quality product like STA-BIL® 360°™ Oil Stabilizer system can be the perfect solution to all types of lubrication problems. The solution is not only ideal for regular maintenance issues, but it can be an excellent way to clear out the engine’s problems before a major tune-up. The stabilizer is designed to provide drivers with an easy way to prevent corrosion below and above the car’s oil line. The STA-BIL® 360°™ Oil Stabilizer also helps reduce heat and friction and prevents all types of thermal breakdowns within the engine system. It can eliminate dry starts, which wears down on the engine and causes unwanted damage.


Drivers get out of their vehicles what they put into them. By staying vigilant and keeping up with necessary repairs as often as possible, anybody can get the most out of their vehicles.

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