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Protect Your Winter Toys

Snowmobile RidingEnthusiasts who are active outdoors throughout the year, may benefit from learning more about the different ways to protect winter toys like snowmobiles, snowboards, sleds and skis from potentially harsh weather conditions. Focusing on insurance, protectants and exercising prudence are typically the most reliable strategies for preventing winter damage that can be avoided.


Better Safe than Sorry

Exercising caution is of the utmost importance for anyone serious about protecting winter toys from undue damage. A significant number of serious accidents are caused by people being overzealous or not being cautious enough in inclement weather. Staying safe where there is ice and light amounts of snow may be critical for avoiding situations where winter equipment can be severely damaged by slippage, rocks, debris or other hazards.


Investing in Protectant

Using 303® Aerospace Protectant™ is another effective way of safeguarding important tools from sustaining winter damage. This protectant is easily applied simply by spraying and wiping any surfaces exposed to the winter elements. These products can restore the luster and color, while reducing the risk of cracking or fading. Some of the different surfaces the 303 protectant can be applied to include fiberglass, plastic, finished leather, rubber and vinyl.


Investing in Insurance

Depending on the possession’s inherent value and frequency of use, it may be wise to invest in a year-round insurance policy. Contrary to popular belief, consumers rarely save money from bypassing these annual policies because insurers typically adjust their premiums for the months projected to have less frequent usage. Insurance policies can offer protection from accidents caused by winter weather and unexpected damage sustained while in storage.

Anyone using an ATV, snowmobile or dirt bike during the winter months should strongly consider the different protections available. Most people may be required to obtain vehicle insurance or snowmobile insurance, depending on local laws. Even people who enjoy sledding, skiing or snowboarding are advised to invest in liability insurance or personal possessions coverage. Insurance policies, spray protectants and being cautious are typically the most reliable strategies for protecting your winter toys against theft, sustaining superficial damages or paying out of pocket for substantial repairs.

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