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Quick Detailing Tips and Tricks

Achieving a professional automotive detailing look at home can be a challenge.


Using the Right Soap

Wash CarThe first step in detailing a car correctly is choosing the right liquid soap. Most car owners believe that dishwashing soap is great to use because it’s a natural degreasing agent. Unfortunately, this is not the best type of soap to use on a car. Yes, it does remove dirt, but it also sucks important oils out of paint. Instead, people should use cleaners that are specially formulated for cars. These are typically found in auto parts stores, and they can remove dirt, old wax and grease from a car’s surface without stripping the paint of its natural oils.


Cleaning the Edge

When cleaning the inside of a car, one of the important areas to pay attention to is the windows. While most car owners remember to clean the inside of the windows, they forget about cleaning the edges of the windowpanes. Before they start, they should roll down the windows a bit to gain access to the edges that are usually covered by the doorframes. Once these areas are clean, they need to roll the windows back up to clean the bottom edges of the windows.


Wax Every Season

Far too often, car owners rely on liquid spray wax for touching up their car in between waxes. While this is a good idea, it’s not a substitute for waxing. If a car spends all year outside, it needs to be waxed every season to protect the paint properly. This includes waxing it during the winter. Because it is difficult to tell when wax has worn off, it’s important to stick to a schedule.


Using the tips and tricks above, vehicle owners can efficiently detail their cars. Be wary of old detailing tricks such as testing the wax of a car by tossing a terry cloth towel on it to see if it slides off. This is not a good way to test the wax on a car and may lead car owners to think that their vehicles are protected when they aren’t.

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