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17th Annual Endless Summer Cruisin’

DSCF7913A car show would not be a car without an “Elvis” sighting. Elvis may not have been “in the building” but he was on the boardwalk of Ocean City, MD during the 17th Annual Endless Summer Cruisin’ event. The show kicked off Thursday morning, 9 October ’14, with a parade down the “boards”. Cars and trucks started lining up before daybreak for the opportunity to drive 30+ blocks to show off their rides. Hundreds of cars participated in the parade and concluded at the Ocean City Inlet, where thousands more vehicles would be parked.

At the Ocean City Convention Center (OCCC), an indoor car show was held. There was a 50 year tribute to the Ford Mustang displaying specimens from that period of time. There were other beautiful cars and trucks on display also. Candy Clark, from “American Graffiti” fame was on hand to sign autographs and pose for photos in front of three hot rods from the movie. Other celebrities included Tyler Dale and Brettley Otterman from “American Restoration” and David Faustino (Bud Bundy) from “Married with Children”. These celebrities were present at both the OCCC and the Inlet during the four day show.

DSCF8035In spite of the celebrities, the real stars of the show were the 3000+ cars, trucks, and a “coffin”. The weather was good for the first two days and then on Saturday, the heavens opened up with showers off and on all day. Owners were seen drying off their cars whenever it stopped only to be frustrated by another rainfall. Owners and spectators alike were hunkered down under umbrellas, raincoats, and ponchos while gazing at the “rides” who were brave enough to “weather” the storm.

Sunday turned out to be a great day for a car show. The sun shone above with a cool breeze blowing in off the ocean. With the weather more favorable that day, the numbers of classic cars, hot rods, antiques, and other beautiful modified vehicles increased each hour. During the four day event Cool Rides Online was represented by the issuance of free window decals, Gold Eagle product samples, and the introduction by this CRO Champion. Of the persons contacted, all seemed interested in checking out the web site.

Since all good things come to an end, the Endless Summer Cruisin’ event concluded on a good note with great weather, great vehicles, and great camaraderie between participants and spectators. Hundreds of trophies were given out to the worthy entrants from local businesses, sponsors, and the City of Ocean City. As the weather starts to get a little cooler and owners start to pack up their rides for the winter in preparation for next year’s shows, this event is one great way to go out in style. This is a top notch event.

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