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2012 Woodies at the Beach Car Show 2012

Cool Rides Online made Alan and Jo Ann Graham very happy, and their 1947 Chevrolet Woodie very proud,  at the 12th Annual Woodies at the Beach Car Show as they were awarded the “Sponsorship Award”.  Their totally stock 1947 Chevy Woodie was a labor of love as a 6 year frame-off restoration, it’s just gorgeous, and even more so  in person.  Amazingly the interior is all original.  They’ve had this beautiful burgundy wagon for 8 years, and they drive it.  As an example their trip to this show was over 300 miles round trip: a long way in a 1947 stocker!

Interestingly, they purchased the car in part because of an experience Alan shared with his grandfather.  You see, Alan’s grandfather owned a small Chevrolet dealership in upstate New York.  Alan remembers his first ride in a car was with his grandpa in a Chevrolet Woodie, a lot like this.  How cool is that?  And how cool is it to have a woman like JoAnne to help you rejuvenate and remember your past?

Woodies at the Beach is presented by the Santa Barbara Woodie Club (www.nationalwoodieclub.com) and is held at a gorgeous venue in Santa Barbara.  The club rents the site, several acres of beautiful lush green lawn on a bluff across the street Woodies at the Beach with Cool Rides Onlinefrom Ledbetter Beach, from Santa Barbara City College.  Very much a family affair; beach umbrellas, beach chairs and picnics abound, mixed in with nearly 100 wonderful old woodie station wagons.  Since this is a free show, to participants and the public as well, Santa Barbara Woodie Club raises funds to support charities with event t-shirt sales, a large silent auction as well as a general raffle, a raffle for a surfboard, and a raffle for a custom made quilt.  The club donates all profits to local charities, including but not limited to: Santa Barbara City College Automotive Technology Department – where we sponsor a perpetual scholarship, to the Santa Barbara Food Bank – which feeds the hungry in the Central Coast of California, The National Woodie Club Scholarship Fund, and Unity Shoppe – one of the oldest and largest charities in Santa Barbara.  Due to the generosity of companies, such as Gold Eagle/Cool Rides Online, we are able to raise funds to support these worthy causes.

Alan and JoAnne asked me to give a big thank you to the Santa Barbara Woodie Club and Cool Rides Online for this very special award, they were stoked!

We’d love to see all of you at our 13th Annual Woodies at the Beach in 2013 currently scheduled for Saturday August 17th.  Contact Ken Gilmour: 818-943-0242, keng@wdsearch.com for details and/or event t-shirt sales (we still have some 2012 shirts available)

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