Big Trucks, Little Trucks, SUV’s, Jeeps, etc. You name it and it was probably here if it was truck oriented. I arrived on Thursday early afternoon with our van and began to set it up for our display in the Vanarama display portion of the event. We were placed front and center to draw the most attention. And that we did throughout the weekend. Everyone loved our display which we even included a beach on the one side complete with a beach chair, towel, flip flops, driftwood and starfish.


Later in the afternoon after my wife got off work she came down with the Yukon and all of the CRO/Gold Eagle supplies. We went up and found our spot on the manufactures midway and set up our booth. It was great to have some help. She does a great job and is knowledgeable when it comes to the products. I guess I have trained her well.

The booth drew a lot of traffic the entire weekend and lots of samples were given out as well as literature. Many people sung the praised of 303 and especially the Protectant. The only complaint is trying to find it in stores. I kept telling them to look it up on the website store locator and if they cannot find it in their area, try Amazon.com. I also pointed them to a vendor who sells our product here at the Carlisle events. A lot of them want to buy it direct from me but I explain that I am just promoting the products and direct them to where they can buy it from.


There was so much to do at this event. They had monster truck rides by Virginia Giant and a monster truck show featuring Raminator and Toxic. Also had a motocross show as well which was new this year. Had a great booth placement and was able to watch the show easily.


Friday night there was a concert featuring local favorite country singer Ben Gallaher and new up and coming country singer Michael Ray. The wife and I went back to the hotel to change as well as get something to eat and the came back for the concert. I am not a big county fan but this guy is pretty good. He has songs on the country charts too. Later after the concert was over he wanted to go somewhere to have a good time. His guitar guy and one of the security guys knew just the place. The Vanarama hang out. They brought him up to party with everyone and take pictures in the van. Unfortunately, we had left before this had happened but others got theirs taken. His band mates kept telling him it was time to go as they needed to hit the road for a concert the next day and had a 10-hour drive. He told them to go ahead, try to perform without him. And then laughed. They did end up leaving about an hour later but it was memorable for quite a few people. Especially one girl who was having a serious fan girl moment.

I was able to walk around and check out some of the trucks and get some pictures since my wife Wendy was able to relieve me in the booth from time to time. There are so many beautiful trucks. Both big and small. The burnout contest that was held did not disappoint. Those guys do love to blow up their tires. The defending champ won once again. The also do a drop and drag contest as well. This is a very unique contest run downhill where they run their trucks down and then drop the rear and drag for the best spark display. The defending champion won once again.


Saturday night we had our Vanarama dinner get together as well as our awards presentation. Our van won Best Display. Wendy was very happy with this as she goes all out for this award and is very happy when we win it. I awarded the CRO Sponsors Award to Chris Garguilo of Brooklyn, NY for his 1977 GMC Vandura which was restored to period correctness. It was done very well.  Best of show went to the Ford Van White Knight owned by Jim Fry and Donna Hart of Pennsylvania.


Sunday was another beautiful day as were all of the days of this weekend and was over too soon for the year. Participants came to check on if they won an award for their truck from the fun field show. There were still events to see as the monster truck show still had another show to do as well as the vendors were still open to check out and buy from.  We will be back next year with the van and with the Gold Eagle/Sta-Bil/303/Cool Rides Online booth as well. If you are in the area you should check it out.

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