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20th Anniversary Woodward Dream Cruise

Woodward2014DreamCruise(213)This is a must for all bucket lists. The cruise is along the 1st paved road in America known as the M-1 but most famously known as Woodward Avenue, home of the largest Cruise in America. It was estimated that there was over 30,000 vehicles in this year’s event along with 100,000 plus spectators. There were all types of cars from classics, hot-rods, trucks, motorcycles, race cars, foreign, along with vehicles from all the 3 major US makes, and even vehicles from the big screens were in attendance.  The cruise is along 16 miles of 4 lane road in each direction through 9 cities along the avenue. All along the cruise is parking lots packed full of these classic cars parked for people to browse through the lots and look and wish that they could maybe own the car of their dream or if they own one of these then maybe get an idea of something that they can do to their vehicle. The route also had numerous types of vendors with food from all types of background so that there is something for everybody all along the 16 mile stretch.

Music was playing in the lots all along the cruise and radio stations broadcasting live from the parking lots and all along Woodward Avenue. The show even brought out some Indy car drivers along with some TV personalities who did a little No-No; a burnout which got him a piece of paper to remember the cruise by way of a ticket. The event is also attended by all of the major car magazines looking for car to do a feature on with pictures for upcoming stories in the magazines. This was also the first year for the show to be televised on national TV for the whole U.S to see all of the fun that is encompassed at this yearly event. For a large group of individuals this is the granddaddy of all car shows and cruise-ins.

This was my first show at Woodward and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I saw cars from all over the world and cars that I had never seen before except in pictures and on TV. If there is a type of car out there made then expect to see it at this event, I can say that this is a must do event and it has me hooked for many years to come. The people in attendance were very welcoming and made it a pleasant atmosphere and an enjoyable event to attend.

By Rick BoutwellRick

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