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3rd Annual Mustang Stampede

100_1661Mustang Airplanes and FiFi (flying WWII Bomber) gave up their home to over 70 automobiles that took over the hanger for a car show that hosted more than just Mustangs.  The tarmac outside surrounded the entrance to the hanger where cars were lined up for spectators who came to the show to support The Commemorative Air Force and view some great automobiles.

The “Mustang Stampede” was honored with an original 1964 and half Mustang Convertible and a 2015 Mustang Convertible.  There were Mustangs of all ages, colors and power.  Fortunately there were also other cars in the show and as I was handing out some cool stuff from coolridesonline.com the friendly folks at the show said “hey how about we put those in our goody bags, that way everyone here will get some.”  It was great to get to talk to car folks.  The winner of the survivor category was the ‘64 and half Mustang Convertible owned by a sweet lady who said the car was born on April 1964 at the same time as she was married.

100_1657One of the most unique cars on display was a car I had never seen before, of course there were the Shelbys, the Cobras, the Snakes, but a real eye catcher was the Superbird.  We have all either seen pics of the Superbird or got to see one, ride in or race against a Superbird; but this was a 2014 Challenger Superbird.  It had the Superbird nose cone and high Spoiler in the rear but the badging read “Challenger Superbird”

I enjoy looking at the license plates as well as the engines and beautiful shinny cars.  I saw plates from Arkansas, Alabama, and New Mexico and of course Texas.  One plate read “ssssnake” on a beautiful Shelby Snake convertible that claimed to be the fastest Mustang in the mile from a standing stop.  There was one on a blue 1966 Mustang that read “owner one”.

Following the awards that were given to some very worthy automobiles it was incredible as the cars started their engines to leave and drove in line in front of some very historical and operational airplanes that would prepare to return to their home place after lending it to us lowly car guys.  This was a great car show for a great cause to keep history alive, as we all do in keeping our small engines running.


By Ron Dunn – Dunnrj51

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