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Carlisle All-Truck Nationals

IMGP8578This past weekend, Aug 1-3, trucks of all shapes and sizes converged on Carlisle, PA at the Carlisle Fairgrounds for the All-Truck Nationals. There were trucks of all shapes and sizes in attendance. Low Riders, Hi-Riders. Tractor Trailers. Car Haulers. Wreckers. 4×4’s. Monster Trucks and yes VANS. We had our group of vans there and had a spot set up under the pavilion and around it.  It was called Vanarama. Had approximately 31 vans there in our group. Representing PA, OH, NY, NJ, GA, WV, VA, CT, etc. It was quite the turn out.

We walked around the grounds some on Friday and Saturday and a little Sunday morning. There was something for everyone at this event. From the ladies to the men. A Manufactures midway with all the newest parts and gadgets. Every tire size you can imagine. Need an air horn? They were blasting everywhere. There was also a section for a flea market which brought all kinds of hard to find parts for your trucks, etc. There were also vendors with nuts, bolts, screws, weatherstrip, etc. Just a well laid out group of stuff is the best way to put it. Rows and Rows of it. Also an area where you could bring in your truck, van, panel, etc to sell. Saw several that I would have loved to have myself.

There were also shows during this All-Truck Nationals. Including an 11 year old mini monster truck driver. Katelyn Moler drove a scaled down version called Pandora. There were also monster trucks with one being driven by her mother, Chrissy Moler, XXX-State of Destruction and Virginia Giant driven by Diehl Wilson. They put on quite the show. Also Monster truck rides.


On Saturday night was the low-rider limbo contest and the highest truck. Burn out contest which was smoking hot. Considering one caught fire. The Ms. All-Truck Nationals which is always popular. Then the Drop and Drag contest. The Tractor Trailers, Wreckers, Car Haulers, etc. then lit up the sky with all of their lights for the Truckers light show. There was also a midway light/LED show as well for the trucks. We vanners in Vanarama put on a light show as well.

All in all this was a great event. A must see for all who have not been there before. Registration is already open for next years event held Aug 7-9 2015. There were over a thousand trucks of all shapes and sizes as well as close to ten thousand if not more spectators. A great time at a great grounds. If you have a truck, come on out. If you just want to be a spectator, that works too. Many trucks on display in the exhibition halls as well as outside on the grounds. Carlisle Events knocks it out of the park with each event they do and this was no exception.



By: Philip Martin – nautic1

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