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Cars For Kids Children’s Miracle Network

I decided to attend the Cars for Kids car show when I came across it on Facebook. It was benefiting a good cause. All money raised went to help the Janet Weis Children’s Hospital and Children’s Miracle Network portion of the hospital. This is a very crucial party of the Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, PA. The whole event was for the kids.  It was put on by the Unaffiliates Mopar Club.


The weather could not have been any better. Started off a bit cool but became real sunny and warm. Perfect fall weather for a car show. I showed up early and was met by Shawn Mapes who was one of the main organizers of this show. He put his heart and soul into this show to give back to the hospital. Both him and his wife Kelly. Their daughter was one of the children in the hospital that used their care and expertise to help her through. This was 3 years ago and she is doing good now. Katie Gerow was also a big part of the organizing of this show.  The count was listed as 157 cars at the show but with other entries it was closer to 190. This was up from 105 last year.


I strolled around the rows and rows of cars and trucks. There were all sorts of cars at this show. Street Rods, Antiques, Customs, Vintage, Tuners, Modern, Trucks and even a McClaren. They had some Super Heroes show up at the show and walked around. They chose Cameron Miner as their choice for the super hero award and presented him with a plaque for his peddle car VW Bug.  The ones who put on the show went through all of the cars and trucks and chose their picks for the Top 40 cars in the show and presented them to the winners. They also presented awards to the bikes in the show as well as farthest traveled, most mileage on odometer, oldest licensed driver and youngest licensed driver. I chose a 1967 Chevy SS 396 as my pick for the Cool Rides Online Sponsors Award. The car is owned by Dennis and Karen Cover. It is a beautiful car. The best part of the handing out of the awards was that they had 2 of the Miracle Kids handing them out. Carter and Kimberly were pure miracles that were helped by the Janet Weis Children’s hospital and the Children’s Miracle Network. Today they are prime examples of the miraculous work this hospital and its doctors and nurses do.

There was a raffle held throughout the day where you could place coupons in for a particular donated award. I had donated a nice bucket of Sta-Bil and 303 products. There was also a 50/50 drawing. All told they were able to raise $3100 for the Children’s Hospital. Great job Unafilliates and everyone. You should be proud. Thanks to all of the ones who sponsored in some way to keep costs to a minimum.  This is a must attend show next year and every year that they have it. Next year there needs to be over 200 cars at this event. That would be Cool. Very Cool indeed. To have many Cool Rides there.


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