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Champs In Action: Endless Summer Cruisin’

COC1Late Wednesday afternoon I arrived at the Ocean City Convention Center (OCCC) and started setting up the Cool Rides Online (CRO)/ Gold Eagle booth. The booth was situated right across from the celebrities so that should bring some participants my way, what luck!

My wife assisted me in setting up the booth and strategizing how best to arrange the product and the monitor and laptop (to show on-lookers the CRO website). After setting up the booth I wandered around and checked out all the cars and trucks that were on display. There definitely were some “Cool Rides” here.

Thursday was the start of this event and is usually a slow day since many people are traveling or planning on arriving on Friday for the weekend. I found the crowds to be somewhat sparse but I did manage to provide 303 Aerospace Protectant samples, Gold Eagle coupons, CRO decals, and my business cards with instructions on accessing the website to those within arm’s reach of the booth. Many of the participants were familiar with STA-BIL, some heard of Cool Rides but never registered, but very few heard of 303. That was when they were educated. I showed them the website that was displayed on my monitor and many stated that they would register once they returned home.

Friday brought in more people but it still was not that busy. Several vendors were concerned. Joyce DeWitt, of “Three’s Company” fame was the guess celebrity this day. I introduced myself and found her to be the same sweet person that she portrayed on the TV screen. She posed for photos and signed autographs for five hours. At the end of the day, Joyce stopped at the booth to talk and say good-bye. Did I mention that she is a nice person?

More 303 samples, STABIL pamphlets, CRO decals, and cards were distributed. Many more were shown the website and calendar of the winners from 2014. Although the number of people present was not what I had hoped for, I am confident that we earned some new converts to Gold Eagle and CRO.

Saturday was cooler and overcast and did bring more people to the Convention Center. The day’s celebrity guest was Rachel DeBasso, from “All Girls Garage”. I met with Rachel, who has a few projects that she is working on, one of which is her 1973 “Cuda”, and gave her some 303 and STA-BIL products to try out, some CRO and STA-BIL decals for her tool box, and instructions to access the web site. Rachel seemed excited about Cool Rides. I am counting on Rachel to share her experience with CRO and Gold Eagle products with her friends and co-workers.

As the previous two days went, I shared Gold Eagle samples, coupons, pamphlets, and cards with those people passing by. I made up some “prize” packages of Gold Eagle products that I also gave away to lucky participants. Since many were familiar with STA-BIL, I ensured them that the rest of the Gold Eagle line was just as good and reliable.

Since all good things must come to a close, so must Endless Summer. Sunday turned out to be a perfect day for a car show, cool weather and sunny skies. Sunday was my first opportunity to go to the inlet where thousands of cars and trucks were on display. I walked around, snapped some photos, and told participants about Cool Rides Online. I found Rodney Updegrave, CRO’s November Cool Ride of the Month winner and talked with him and his family.

The crowds were out, the weather was great, and there were thousands of “Cool Rides” to ogle at. I found two unique vehicles in the lot, a “Graham” and a 1947 Dodge Pick-up with a canopy. I learned afterwards that the Graham Brothers built trucks for the Dodge Brothers. Both of these were beautiful. Hundreds of trophies were given out but I think most of the cars and trucks were already winners without receiving any “iron”.

Another year’s event came to a close and I think that CRO and Gold Eagle made a good impression. Hopefully all those participants who promised to register when they returned home will be true to their promise. To all those who have “Cool Rides” out there, may your summers be always, “Endless”.

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