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Cloquet Annual Labor Day Car Show

DSC00051With only 3 Labor Day parades in Minnesota right now, Cloquet, population 11,000, has the parade that has been around the longest and attracts around 5,000 people.  A fun day for kids with the parade, carnival, eats, and car show.

Around 70 cars from all over the state and Wisconsin showed up after days of nasty rain off and on.  Many locals look forward to this event as a right of summer passing on and fall coming.  If you get there early enough, you can find a place to park in the shade.  A nice little park adjoins the car show site.

Along with the car show is a free picnic lunch supplied by the local labor unions in Cloquet, City of Wood Industries.  Since this is an election year, the candidates seeking election were in attendance as well.

DSC00054Cars ranged in age all the way from a ’28 Chev pick up to cars in the 70’s.  A special memorial plaque is given in honor of Bob Oswald, who was the person who started hosting the show.  Bob did a great job for the people of Cloquet in keeping this celebration alive and well.

A great late summer day for all who came and saw the cars.  A big thanks to all who made a contribution in making this day possible.



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