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Cool Cars Found in Las Vegas

While attending the SEMA show I arrived a day early so that I could see some sites. I decided to check out some of the custom car museums in the area and some that have been on Reality TV. The first site I went to was “Counts Kustoms”. I had watched some of the episodes and liked some of the custom cars and bikes that they have done. The tour was free and takes about 30 minutes to walk through. The aisle “snakes” around the cars, trucks, bikes, and other creations and ends up in the Gift Shop. These vehicles had amazing paint jobs and the creations by “Horny Mike” were awesome.
The next museum was “WelderUp”. This is the shop that Steve Darnell, from “Las Vegas Rat Rods” owns. This museum was pretty cool. Everything looked rustic and the rusted heaps that were used for displays, appeared like they were left out in the desert for years. Anything goes when you make a “Rat Rod”, and that was evident here. One car had wooden chairs and electrified head bands (similar to an Electric Chair) in the front. In the back corners were hands reaching out of the car body. My guess is that they light up at night.


I then visited the Hollywood Car Museum. I found vehicles that were used on television and in the movies were on display. When I first arrived, my eyes caught a glimpse of a life-size “Flintstone” Mobile. After paying a nominal fee, I walked around to check out the cars, trucks, bikes, and other creations. I found “Herbie, the Love Bug”, K.I.T.T. from “Knight Rider”, Batmobiles, the van from “A-Team”, several cars and a plane from “007” movies, the lifeboat from “Captain Phillips”, a room dedicated to “Liberace’s” collection, and lots more.

My favorite museum was Nostalgia Street Rods. I had a VIP tour by the owner, Art Goldstrom himself. What a great guy. Art and his wife have collected things for a very long time. Art took me through the different buildings where his wife’s collection of sewing machines, typewriters, autographed guitars, Gold Records, and more were housed. Then Art took me through his collection of hot rods, antiques, and classic cars. Art had a customized Zamboni that was called “Funi Boni”. It had a V-8 engine and racing seats. Art also had a V-8 in a lawn mower and a motorized toilet. The rear end of a Cadillac was converted into a gas grill that played Elvis music. During the tour, Art even started up some of the hot rods for me. Art was the perfect host and tour guide. He knew the history of each item and was glad to answer questions.

There are more than four car museums in this town but I did not have the time to check them all out. Viewing all these custom cars got me “psyched out” for the start of SEMA over the next four days. Check out the links to the museums and the photo slide shows to see more.

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