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cc4All I can say is if you love Corvettes this is the place to be. At the end of every August at Carlisle, PA is the Corvettes at Carlisle Show. This year they have expanded the show to 4 days because there is that much going on for this show that it is needed. So it now runs from Thursday through Sunday. This a gathering of every year of Corvette for 1953 to present. I was definitely in Corvette overload. With over 5000 Vettes gathering on the grounds it was heaven on earth for a Vette enthusiast.


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I really am not as much of one as my wife is but I now see the appeal. I really could see myself driving around in one of these sleek machines. My wife had asked me to find her a 57 and send her some pics since she could not be there. I was not sure if this was doable but I was up to the challenge. I got there early every morning to go out and look. Well I found several for her but the ones that stood out were a pair owned by a husband and wife that were matching original color. They told me they were 2 of only 400 +/- made in this color. I cannot remember the color exactly but I will just say it was a light teal or mint. I sent pictures to my wife of these Vettes and she said yes please. I walked by the Chevrolet stand where they had the new 2017 Corvettes on display. Needless to say I was drooling. I was told to climb in and try one on for size. I asked them who was going to get me out of it. Not because I did not want to, which I wouldn’t, but I most likely couldn’t with my back. It would be comical to watch me fall onto the ground to get out and crawl to the door to stand up then. Well maybe not. But to some it would. So I passed. Although if I were to get one I would love one if these new ones. Just do not have about $70-$100k depending on options. But then again, the wife’s 57 would be in that price range too. Come one lotto numbers.

There was a lot of foot traffic by the booth and a lot of people singing the praises of 303 and Sta-Bil products. Everyone knew Sta-Bil but not everyone knew 303. Did some education on it. Showed the benefits of it. Especially the Aerospace Protectant. I had used it on my Yukon trim, running boards and tires. People liked the look and feel without that greasy feeling on their hands. I had also detailed the Yukon as well while I was there with the Speed Detailer. They were very impressed with the appearance. Always good to show what the product can do if you get the chance. I handed out a lot of samples and a lot of literature as well as goodies to people. So much I ran out of many items. Pens were a hot item.

On Friday night they had a burnout contest which surprised me that people entered. The winner actually set his rear tires and fenders on fire. That is a guy who wanted to win.

There were various seminars throughout the weekend which included the various designers of the Corvettes throughout the years. These included the road course Vettes. There were giveaways for a Ron Fellows Driving School. There had been raffle tickets sold throughout all of the Carlisle Events and the winner was presented with a 2016 Corvette Coupe. I saw the winner and he was just thrilled. He said he bought one ticket that day and could not believe it.

On Saturday at Noon they had a 15 second engine rev in honor of the Late Chip Miller who was the co-founder of Carlisle Events. It was also done for all other loved ones as well. It was a very surreal moment. There was then a moment of silence as well. There was a parade downtown on Saturday night with a massive line up of Vettes that took over the downtown where they hung out and patronized the businesses. There was a band as well that entertained everyone as well. A great time for all.

This was a great show and one I enjoyed very much. I loved hearing the Vettes revving all day long as I was set up near the A & A booth where they had various exhaust companies and various Vettes with them on. They were revving all day long. It was a real rush hearing this. I can’t wait for next August to go back. If you are able to make it, mark your calendar for August 24-27, 2017.

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