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Crazy Rides at Chevy Nationals

The big difference with this year’s 2017 Carlisle Chevy Nationals was the name. They changed it from the GM Nationals as it has been called for years to the Chevy Nationals.
Some of the attendees were not crazy about the name change. Even so, it was a great event! One of the big attractions was the new 2018 Camaro ZL1 1LE. It is really sharp looking. The addition of the wing on the trunk really makes the car look mean. There were several other Camaros in the tent but they were 2017’s. Of course, outside the tent was a sweet looking truck but the price tag kept me dreaming.

Friday was basically registration day for all of the show people with not as many showing up for showing. One building was set up for the 50th anniversary of the Camaro & Firebird. The had the #1 Camaro ever produced and the number 5 million side by side in the display. It was an awesome site to say the least. Local drag racing legend Bruce Larson had his USA-1 Corvette Funny Car there. He was joined by Rocky Roxlau and his Time Bomb Vega. At certain times throughout the weekend they would allow lucky participants to sit in the cars while they fired them up to feel what it is like to sit behind the wheel of a funny car. They called this Nitrofest.

The guest celebrities that were there for the weekend were Lou Santiago from Car Fix on Velocity and Kevin Tetz of Power Nation TV. They were doing autograph sessions throughout the weekend. They also were doing seminars throughout the weekend as well. I spotted Lou walking around the grounds several times. He is a real down to earth guy and not a typical TV celebrity which is nice to see.

Saturday the grounds filled up with all kinds of cars but Camaro’s seemed to be the dominant car on the grounds. There were several beautiful Belair’s as well as a sweet looking Corvair Pickup. I walked around early Saturday morning to get pictures of the cars as well as check out the flea market that is set up for every event that Carlisle hosts. It is a really nice feature.
There were Autocross ride-alongs throughout the weekend by UMI Performance in their various cars. They also had real street shootouts so you could take your street cars and run the track for time.

They had the Ms. Chevy contest and the burnout contest. I did not make it up for either but by the crowd reaction I could tell both were well received. I could also tell by the smoke that the burnouts were quite successful.

I had a lot of people come by the booth and sang the praises of both 303® and STA-BIL®. In all, the switch of names to Chevy Nationals seemed to be a positive one. It will be great to go back next year on June 22-24. It was a great time. Be sure to mark your calendar for next year and make the trek to Carlisle, PA.

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