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CRO Champion at the 2015 GM Nationals

PM10wblgPhil Martin, Cool Rides Online Champion, attend the GM Nationals in Carlisle, Pennsylvania: June 26-28, 2015

The GM Nationals is a gathering of all things General Motors. From cars to trucks, there was a wide variety of models: Camaro, Corvette, Impala, Monte Carlo, Bel Air, Nomad, Silverado, Suburban, Cadillac, Vega, and more!

Our Gold Eagle/Sta-Bil®/Cool-Rides Online booth attracted a lot of attention. People were very interested in the 303® products and were curious as to where they could purchase them. The Sta-Bil® Product line is well-known and had nothing but praise coming for the product. I handed out plenty of samples and directed all those interested in Cool Rides Online to our website to sign up.

Friday was an eventful day with Nitrofest going on every couple hours. Bruce Larson had his Nitro burning funny cars. He would strap one lucky participant into each car and fire them up so they could experience the raw power of those engines. This was all controlled so there was no way they could actually take off in the cars.

One of the exhibition buildings was dedicated exclusively to the Camaro Iroc Z which was celebrating there 30 years of the first Iroc Z being built. It was a very cool exhibit. The other exhibition building had 57 Chevys, Bel Airs, Cadillacs and anything with those big, fabulous fins. Other parts of the building had Chevy Luv trucks, Camaros, and Firebirds. Burt Reynolds’s Bandit car was also there. The owner bought the car at the Spring Carlisle auction. The Bandit car was originally owned by Burt Reynolds and the hood is signed. The Knight Rider car was also in attendance.

For those with an interest in car parts or other GM automobile items, there was a swap meet/flea market going on. The best day for this was Friday as a lot of the vendors packed up and left due to the incoming weather.

On Saturday, it was raining upon arrival and continued for the rest of the day. I walked around for a while and was able to take some pictures of the cars in the buildings. It was unfortunate because a lot of the planned events got canceled due to the weather. They did hold the burnout contest which was won by a pickup.

Sunday came and, while several of the vendors on the Manufactures Midway had chosen to pack up and leave, many of us were still there. That morning I met several people who had traveled from Australia! It was great talking to them. I am hoping to see them show up on the forum.

All in all this was a great event and is put on by a very professional group: Carlisle Events. I will be attending two more of their events in the coming months – All-Truck Nationals and the Bloomsburg Nationals in August. The Carlisle All-Chrysler Nationals are coming up on July 10-12th. Curt Kimmel, aka Bruzen Cruiser on the forums, will be attending this event. If you are in the area, stop by and see him! These events are a great launch for promoting Cool Rides Online as well as the 303® product line.

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