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CRO Champs In Action: 63rd Detroit Autorama

gto036CRO champs Marcel, Justa6 and 23T met up with members Frosty, IndymanJoe to find member Highwaytoheaven’s display and take in the event.  Marcel’s Dad was a welcomed addition to our group. After quickly getting split up in the huge crowd, we searched for a couple hours to find Highwaytoheavens display. On our search we managed to find Marcel and his Dad.  We then TRIED to stay together, but it was almost impossible with the amount of spectators. The constant incoming flow of spectators filled COBO , shoulder to shoulder status, making it hard to get any kind of good shots of cars. Lucky we were there early to get a few shots in.

I was very disappointed we never found 23T again, I wanted to use this chance to get know him a little better.  He was with a huge group of Car guys from New York that came in on buses. Awesome display of everything automotive, bikes and MINI bikes were a huge attraction this year.  Rat Rods were so popular they had the entire 2nd floor to themselves.

It was a fantastic, but tiring day.  Felt bad for Marcel and the 6hr trip home!  Good Luck to Highwaytoheaven at the awards tomorrow. I was great gathering of CRO friends, getting our FIX of everything automotive. It has been a long winter and getting antsy to get the rides out and play for 2015.  Thanks Marcel!

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