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CRO Champs In Action: Cakes-N-Cars

DSCF0671The Car Show that Fills You Up.

The morning looked dismal, it had rained overnight and the skyline was grey. This brought back memories of this show a year ago. The weatherman “gods” promised sunshine so the show was a go. This was the first car show that I (and Cool Rides Online) sponsored. After getting some of the show staff to help me set up the Cool Rides Online/Gold Eagle tent, I was open for business.

DSCF0809I watched as the “cool rides” entered the venue and drove past the booth and parked. I was tasked with selecting the “Coolest Ride” at this car show, as I witnessed all the cars and trucks that entered, I knew this would be a hard decision. Although this was a small car show there were lots of neat vehicles present. One of the neatest vehicles came toward the end of the show. As I was walking around, lo and behold, I noticed the “Batmobile” approaching me. This brought back memories for me from two years ago. I was driving down a highway when I noticed the “Batmobile” approaching me in the rear view mirror.

Free samples of 303® Aerospace Protectant, various decals, and discount coupons were distributed. Some of the participants were familiar with STA-BIL® Storage but the 303 Aerospace Protectant was new to them.

After much deliberation, my choices were narrowed down to a few cars. I finally settled for vehicle #39, a 1932 Ford Coupe, owned by Nannette Boney. I thought that this car was the “Coolest Ride” and deserved the CRO trophy. Along with the trophy, Nannette was provided with a bucket of Gold Eagle products, Cool Ride Online decals and the Cool Rides calendar.

After attending this show for two years, I can say that this year’s event was more successful than last. I believe that the weather was a big factor to that success. Having Gold Eagle/Cool Rides Online as a sponsor was greatly appreciated by the ladies of the church. All participants were provided with samples of products and information about Cool Rides Online. From my conversations with those car owners, several intended to check out the site and upload photos of their “rides”.

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