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CRO Champs In Action: Carlisle All-Truck Nationals


There were trucks of all shapes and sizes from all over the spectrum at the Carlisle All-Truck Nationals held on August 7th to 9th: small trucks, big trucks, dragging trucks, monster trucks, dump trucks, big rigs, and vans! Oh My!  There were approximately 1,600 trucks that entered into the show and fun fields with well over 36,000 spectators. There were also parts vendors, toy vendors, wax vendors and more in attendance. Gold Eagle/Cool Rides was part of the vendor crown on Manufactures Midway. We had our booth set up in a good spot in the middle of the action with a constant flow of people as well as a good view of the Monster Truck show.

I had a lot of people come by singing the praises of STA-BIL® and 303® alike. Some have never heard of 303® Products so I explained the product line to them and showed them what 303® Aerospace Protectant can do for their vinyl trim, dashboards, etc. I applied Aerospace Protectant to the bumper on our Yukon and to use as an example. I had plenty of visits from different folks and vendors who were interested in selling 303® or finding out more about it. I ended up giving out plenty of samples of 303® Aerospace Protectant wipes and even got to speak with individuals who had used 303® before and enjoyed the line.

IMGP2572I also got to see several monster truck shows staring the Virginia Giant and Raminator, who gave awesome performances! I even had the pleasure of seeing two car-eating monsters called the Transaurus and Megasaurus. Overall, the big rigs in these shows are just unbelievable. I could swear they are never driven based on how good they look!

We put our van in the show in the Vanarama section. The turnout for the vans in this portion of the show was close to 50 which is a good turnout. All of the vans were judged and by the participants and we ended up winning Best Display!

When it came time to giving out the Cool Rides Online “Sponsor’s Choice” Award, Wendy and I went around and looked at all of the vans. We came to a mutual decision of giving the CRO Sponsors Choice Award to Jim Keely and his beautiful Mid Chevy Van, The Shanna Marie. The mural done on the passenger side was done by Ed Beard, Jr. who is an excellent artist and muralist.

He has done the artwork for various card games including Magic the Gathering. We gave him the award, a hat, a shirt and a bucket full of product. He was greatly surprised and appreciative.

Overall, the All-Truck Nationals presented by Carlisle Events was a success for Gold Eagle and Cool Rides Online as far as I am concerned. Attending this event as a Cool Rides Champion and representative of Gold Eagle was great! I look forward to attending next year!


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