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CRO Champs In Action: Carlisle Chrysler Nationals

DSCF0978After arriving at the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals and finding out where the STA-BIL/Cool Rides Online (CRO) booth was to be set up, I went right to work. With the help of the great Carlisle Events staff the tent was set up. The location promised high visibility from the participants and spectators. There was a report of a major storm/tornado hitting the area that evening so I made sure that the tent was anchored down.

Even though a concert was scheduled for the evening I decided not to man the tent and risk damage to the booth due to the upcoming storm.

This event opened up early Friday morning with the sun shining and skies of blue. The tent was raised, banner hung, table set up and Gold Eagle product samples and CRO decals displayed. I brought my laptop so that I could help the people register and also to show them the CRO site. During the day, CRO was promoted and it seemed that the reception was favorable.

A highlight for me on Friday was a “Thrill Ride” in the Challenger SRT Hellcat. This 707 horse-powered, modern muscle machine threw my head back as the pro driver punched the gas pedal. I took a video during the ride but it was difficult to hold the camera still.

Saturday morning started off as a promising car show day. During breakfast in my hotel, I had the privilege to tell a participant of CRO.

DSCF1146Tom Wopat, “Luke Duke” from the “Dukes of Hazzard” was one of the guests this weekend. People lined up inside and outside the building awaiting his photo and autograph on cherished memorabilia.

A highlight for me on this day was meeting Mike, Michael, and Jen Hill. Mike’s Plymouth Superbird was restored on Graveyard Carz. Michael’s Superbird was done at another shop. After they were finished, father and son drove them down the Pacific Coast Highway and up on Route 66 on a ten day trip. I recognized the three of them from the episode that I watched.

The weather gods definitely graced the Chrysler Nationals with the best weather for the show. Looking out at the fields and hills, I could see that the numbers were dwindling as the show was nearing its end. The roar of the SRT Hellcats could still be heard all day as rides were still being given. By displaying my 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser at the booth, I noticed that it brought smiles and tears to people walking by and who stopped to take pictures. There were fewer people coming by the booth today.

“All good things must come to an end,” and that is no different for the Chrysler Nationals. During the last three days, thousands of men, women, and children traversed row by row, up hills, and down valleys, checking out beautiful cars and trucks parked everywhere. Vendors made sales, parts were “swapped”, contests conducted, and everyone left a winner. Kudos go out to Ed Scholly and the staff of Carlise Events. They were always available to help with whatever we needed.


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