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CRO Champs In Action: Christmas In July

DSCF1518Ho! Ho! Ho!, Merry Christmas! In July? Yes, it is Christmas in July and many businesses are taking advantage by having sales. The Piazza Car Dealerships were one of them by hosting a car show. Several organizations that help wounded troops, 1st responders, and children were on hand. There were between 50 and 75 cars and trucks that attended. It was not as large a participation as they hoped for I am sure but sometimes it is the quality of the show and not the quantity.

There were a bunch of muscle cars, antiques, classics and some “high line” models (I think they were the “super cars”). Santa and his elf were making their rounds, food and drinks were provided by the dealership, and sales people were on hand to highlight the cars in the showroom and the lots. There was a Silent Auction inside to raise funds for the different causes and a Toys for Tots drive to provide presents to children in need.

As with every event that the CRO Champs are involved with, there are one-to-one meetings with potential new recruits. I met many people who had never heard of Cool Rides Online and presented them with my card and instructions on how to access the site and how to download photos of their rides.

I do not know how much was raised for the veterans groups but the turn-out seemed good. The participants and visitors seemed to be enjoying themselves as they perused the vehicles displayed and spoke with the owners about the cars and trucks. Cool Rides Online was represented and hopefully new people will check us out.

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