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CRO Champs In Action: Cruise of the Troops

DSCF1653Saturday was a busy day for me. In the morning I attended a car show to support some veteran groups. In the evening I attended this show. I had never been to this event before but I met some of the participants and host members at the earlier show. I always like to support shows that support veterans, law enforcement, fire fighters and EMTs.

I arrived early since the previous show ended at 3 PM and this one started at 5 PM. I found two cars in the parking lot but no one around. After having lunch, I noticed the Top Dead Center Motor Club members, the sponsors, driving by. I returned to my car and started setting up for this “Cruise”. Slowly but surely, hot rods, muscle cars, classic cars and custom bikes started rolling in.

There were some beautiful cars, trucks and bikes present. I walked around to check each and everyone of them. I met some new people who became friends. After all, we share something in common. I spoke with several participants about Cool Rides Online. They had not heard of the site, so I gave out my CRO Champ card and gave them the instructions on how to join.

This event occurs six times over the spring, summer, and fall. They meet the last weekend of the month with this “Cruise In”. The purpose of the club is to have fun and that was evident on Saturday. It does not cost anything to attend this show but they were collecting “Care Packages”, reading material, toiletries, CDs, etc., for the deployed troops. I had a good time and was glad to be able to tell fellow enthusiasts about “Cool Rides Online”.

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