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CRO Champs In Action: Freeze Out 2015

IMGP0461This past weekend, January 16-18, I traveled to Lanexa, VA to the Rockahock Campgrounds. A winter time event was being hosted by Free Bird Vanners of Virginia. This is a unique event in that it is held in winter and outside. Attendees came from as far away as Canada and Florida. Some of the people who attended either stayed in their vans, campers or cabins. I decided to take my RV as it would be a lot more comfortable than sleeping in my van, which I can no longer do anyway. This run was over 300 miles from my home but it is a fun event full of friendship and camaraderie. Whether it be spent conversing in a cabin, the heated pavilion or outside around a nice campfire. Winter time is usually spent at hall parties or small gatherings at people’s homes.  Free Bird Vanners have decided to host their event in a campground. Well worth the traveling to.

The weather was great with temperatures in the 50’s on Friday and the mid to upper 40’s on Saturday. I traveled down on Thursday since it takes me awhile to drive distance due to my severe back issues. I arrived in the evening to find that the campground already had several attendees besides the hosts.  This evening was just spent setting up and relaxing and talking about events that have happened since we last saw one another. Fortunately one of my camp mates enclosed a nice shade tree enclosure and had heat inside as the temperatures dipped into the upper 20’s that evening.

Friday more people arrived and set up camp and continued to visit. Rockahock campgrounds are set on the banks of the Chickahominy River and offer a scenic backdrop. I personally set up a small table in their pavilion and registration station with Cool Rides literature, stickers, etc. I displayed the CRO banner on the front of my RV. I was selling van toys as well as van ornaments. Helped to offset the cost of the trip. I presented the hosts with cases of product to use as they saw fit for the event. I also explained that I wanted to present an award to the vehicle of my choice as the CRO Sponsors award. They also placed stickers, cards and certificates in the goodie bags presented to everyone in attendance. The product was used as further giveaways in the raffle they had. The recipients were greatly appreciative.

IMGP0559Saturday came the show and shine as well as games of Corn Hole, Skittle Suck and Log Toss. I did not participate in any of the games, for obvious reasons, but did participate in the show and shine. I entered the RV in the Brand X category. During the show I again displayed the banner and handed out cards and literature. There were 14 total vehicles in the show which included 12 vans, 1 pick-up and 1 motor home.  All of these vans/trucks were driven to the event. It was a nice small show and was peer judging. I took several pictures of the vans and truck in the show. I made my way around the show and after looking over the vans as well as looking at the ones who did not show I decided on one van that stood out for the CRO award.

Later in the evening on Saturday there was a pot luck dinner for all of the people to enjoy. If you went away hungry, it was your own fault. After everyone had their fill, the awards were presented to the game and show participants. I made sure that everyone in the show who won an award also received a hat from CRO. I personally won the Brand X award with the RV so I just gave my hat away. I presented the CRO award to Joe Scott for his beautiful Chevy Van-Storm Cloud which is a dedication also to his father. I also presented him with a shirt, hats, certificate, etc. plus a bag full of product. Well deserved.

Unfortunately the night ended early for me as my back would barely allow me to walk back to my RV. I was actually helped back. Thanks to the ones who helped take care of me then. On Sunday I awoke to rain. Joy. Was able to pack up easily as others had put my stuff away the night before. Just needed to un-hook and go. The 300 mile 5-6 hour drive home took over 8 hours for me due to having to stop several times for my back. I really needed a co-pilot. Anyway, Freeze-Out is a small but family atmosphere event and I will continue to go as long as I am able to. Total attendance I believe was around 40-45 vans, trucks, cars, etc. and around 100-120 people. Great turn out. Great job Free Bird Vanners. Look forward to next January.

This is a list of the winners from the Show n’ Shine:

Freeze Out Show winners:

1st Chevy Joe Scott 2nd Chevy Matt Kefer

1st Ford Panda Mark 2nd Ford Dale Tichenor

1st Dodge Chuck Plummer 2nd Dodge Rickie Wizard Graves

Brand X Phil Martin

Ugliest Van Paul Morey

Best Interior Henry Gaunt

Best Exterior Joe Scott

Cool Rides Online winner Joe Scott

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