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CRO Champs In Action: M1 Cruise, Parade N Carshow

M1Cruise-2The M1 concourse is being built in Pontiac and will soon be the mecca of everything automotive in the Detroit area. Featuring garages/storage units, skidpads, racecourse/test track, restaurants, drive in, concerts and  car shows the list goes on. Yesterday I chose the Sun-bird as my weapon of choice to hang with the exotic’s.

1st stop on the cruise, was the Detroit burger bar for cars N coffee, on to Lk Orion for the 2nd stop which was the staging for the parade. Then we traveled to Oxford and the staging area for the parade through downtown and ending up in the downtown car show. Handed out Cool Rides Online invites and 303 product samples to the 40+ cars involved. I was surprised by the attention (from the sometimes snooty exotic owners) they gave to the Sun-bird and ended up making some new friends and looking forward to meeting up at the next M1 event. The Dream Cruise kickoff.

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