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CRO Champs In Action: Philadelphia Auto Show

DSCF9431Every year I try to attend the Philadelphia Auto Show, not to see all the new vehicles, but rather, to check out the classic cars, antiques, and “muscle cars”. Sometimes, a manufacturer will present a concept car to see how the public responds. Several years ago, Chevrolet presented a “concept” of the Nomad. I thought that it looked great. It resembled the 1956 Chevy Nomad. I was hoping that Chevrolet would mass produce it so I could buy it but I was wrong; so much for wishful thinking.

As I mentioned, my draw is not for the new cars but the older ones. Several automobile clubs or museums will bring their collections for display. This year Carlisle Events hosted a faceoff between domestic cars and trucks and imported ones. Hands down, I thought the domestic muscle cars outshone the imported ones. In fact, I voted that way.

There were several early 1900 cars and trucks there. In fact I learned some new things about these cars. I noticed that a few cars had little doors on the rear quarter panels. When I asked why, one of the collectors mentioned that it was how the owners got their golf clubs out of the back. I also learned that if one of these early cars had wooden wheels and the spoke came loose, they just drove them through a stream and the water swelled the wood and make them tight again.

In the lower level is the DUB show. Here vendors sell all the audio, video, and other “bling” to make your “ride” truly unique. Several custom cars, motorcycle, and trucks are displayed with lights, fancy wheels, and wraps, just ready for action. I did not know it at the time but a friend had his 1969 Dodge Charger on display there.

The Philadelphia Auto Show will close on February 8th and thousands of people will have flocked in to see all the cars and trucks. Some will even purchase cars or at least consider purchasing certain models. I wanted to see the “old school”, classics, antiques, and “muscle cars”. These older models were what Chevrolet called, “The Heartbeat of America”. Nathan Hale once said (or at least he should have), “Give me MoPar, Chevy or Ford, or give me death!” The older models were the “coolest rides” here.

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