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CRO Champs In Action: SEMA Show The Final Day

SONY DSCIt is almost over. Today is the final day for SEMA. Today was much like the other days here at SEMA: seeking and peeking. I was able to meet Rich Evans, of Rich Evans Designs, Ryan Friedlinghaus, from West Coast Customs, and Von Hot Rod, who autographed my SEMA badge holder. It seems that the crowds have dwindled somewhat. I know that fellow Scavenger Hunt winner, John Harris, left on Thursday to return home. Even though the numbers appear to be reduced there are still “legions” of auto warriors here in Las Vegas.

The crew at STA-BIL 303 are still answering questions regarding the products and snapping “selfie” photographs for SEMA souvenirs. Bobbie Cleveland, “The Engine Answerman” is greeting patrons, answering questions, and telling all comers about the benefits of STA-BIL products.

At 3:30 PM, Rick and I found seats in the stands to watch the parade of SEMA vehicles that were “cruising” to the LINQ for SEMA Ignited. While we were sitting there, our attention was directed to a car that had been made with a 3-D printer. The car was fully functional and drove 35-40 mph. After watching the cars, trucks, and motorcycles for 1 1/2 hours, we both left to catch our shuttle buses. Whoops, here we go again. We missed the bus. Rick had to walk back to his hotel since the monorail did not go anywhere close for him to ride. I knew where I was going this time so off I went.

This week at SEMA was both exhilarating and exhausting. Exhilarating due to all the products that are being displayed, celebrities to meet and greet, and the meeting of new friends. I finally met Marcel and Bobby Cleveland, who I only saw photos or videos of on the CRO site. I met fellow CRO Champ Rick Boutwell and fellow Scavenger Hunt winner John Harris. The exhausting part was due to all the miles I walked through the Halls of the Convention Center to see everything. Any opportunity to sit and rest was always welcomed.

I would like to thank Gold Eagle Products and Cool Rides Online for allowing me to come to SEMA and join their “family”. I look forward to continuing my relationship with them and sharing STA-BIL products and CRO with all that I come in contact with in future car shows and events.

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