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CRO Champs In Action: The SEMA Show Day 3

DSCF8452Whew! This is exhausting. Today was another day of sights and sounds. There is plenty to see: the products, the cars, the celebrities, and the “beautiful sights”. During STA-BIL’s presentation of the ’71 Camaro to Donald B. of Florida, Jared Zimmerman fired up the custom car built by him and Lou Santiago of “Car Fix”. All those around heard the roar of the engine. I think everyone around wished that it was them walking away with this “Cool Ride”.

I resumed my travels of the different halls to locate the celebrities that I wanted to meet, obtain an autograph and maybe get my picture taken with them. I was also interested in photographing the nice cars and trucks on display. I ventured outside of Central Hall and found the track that was set up for “drifting”. This technique was made popular by the “Fast and Furious” movies. Drifting is a driving technique where the driver intentionally over steers, causing loss of traction in the rear wheels or all tires, while maintaining control from entry to exit of a corner. I watched as Mustangs took to the track and the drivers dazzled the crowd with their skills, burning rubber, and smoke.

Our days are filled with walking, talking, and gawking. There are thousands of vendors on hand vying for your attention and business. To accomplish this, Greek “sirens” from mythology are on hand to call you in to their booths. It does not take a lot of persuasion to fall for the bait. Once you are within their midst, these ladies explain the benefits of their products and/or services.

DSCF8387This is a trade show, but not just any trade show. SEMA is “The” trade show where buyers and exhibitors from around the world gather to do business. You must be prepared, start training early, do marathons if you must to get into shape to walk miles and miles. Get your eyes checked because what you see at SEMA will be unbelievable. SEMA is a dream come true for many. It is an experience like no other. You have been warned!

What can I say? Here at SEMA you walk a lot, talk a lot, get pushed and shoved by the crowd, wait in line for long periods of time to see a celebrity or get a meal. You collect all types of posters, calendars, trinkets, stress balls, and everything else under the sun to the point you need a pack mule to carry it all. Some people even take hundreds of photographs of the sights and vehicles. Although this may not sound like fun, I would not give it up for anything. SEMA “rocks”.

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