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Endless Summer Cruizin’

es1e Officially, Thursday, October 6, was the start of this event but Cool Rides Champ, Curt Kimmel ventured down to Ocean City, MD on Wednesday to set up the Cool Rides/Gold Eagle booth inside the Ocean City Convention Center. Lots of people stopped by the booth and received 303® Aerospace Protectant samples and literature. One participant remembered me from last year and stopped by to stock up on his samples. New this year were celebrity cars that you could sit in and get your photos taken. The DeLorean from “Back to the Future”, the “Batmobile” from the 1960’s television show, and the “General Lee” from “Dukes of Hazzard” were all present.


Friday was a great day with lots of people stopping by. Hundreds of samples and brochures were handed out and all were encouraged to “Join the Club”. I spoke with customers from past shows, people who attended Mecum Auctions and liked the 303® products, and some of my friends. I also prepared little gift bags containing samples and literature to hand out to America’s veterans. The gesture was greatly appreciated. The guest celebrity for Friday was Gene Winfield, Legendary Car Customizer for Television and Hollywood. On this day, Mr. Winfield was signing autographs at the Inlet parking lot. While speaking to participants and spectators, I learned that Wilderness Systems, a maker of Kayaks, recommended that 303® Aerospace Protectant be used to care for their kayaks.


The Convention Center was busy as soon as the doors opened up. The rain had moved in and caused a lot of people go indoors. Gene Winfield was there bright and early signing autographs. I was aware of some of Gene’s creations but was astounded at the number of custom vehicles he did for television and the movies: the “Flintstonemobile”, a police car for “RoboCop”, “Reactor” which was used for spots on “Star Trek”, “Batman” and “Bewitched”. Gene also built 25 futuristic cars to be used in “Blade Runner”. Lots of people stopped by asking about Gold Eagle’s products and asking how much I was selling them for. I informed all where they could purchase the 303® line and provided them with samples. Since it was raining outside, Dave Kindig, from “Bitchin Rides” came to the Convention Center to pose for photos and sign autographs. Dave generously signed my car for me. As a way of promoting Cool Rides Online, I have my laptop linked to the CRO site. I was displaying the Cool Ride of the Month Contest page when a participant stated that he knew Dale Renner, the owner of the 1970 Plymouth Duster. I immediately told him how he could have his car entered in the contest if he joined the “Club”.


Sunday started out in Biblical fashion. It had been raining for two days and there were thousands of Endless Summer participants praying to their gods to “Let our Hot Rods go”. Prayers for God to part the clouds and let the sun back in fell on deaf ears apparently. I drove down to the inlet to see how many cars were there. As I approached, a sign was posted that the inlet was closed. The Hot Rodders were making an exodus to their homes. As I traveled north myself, I saw several “Cool Rides” heading up the highway.
Another year for Endless Summer has come and gone. Thousands of people passed by the CRO/Gold Eagle booth, numerous people were provided with 303 literature and samples. Hopefully, many of them will become and/or continue to be our customers. Hopefully many will “Join the Club”.

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