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Fall Fest 2 hosted by Twilight Truckers

Fall Fest 2016 was once again a great time. It is held at the Gratz Fairgrounds in Gratz, PA.  Twilight Truckers really know how to host a good van run. Friday was roll in day and the vans began to roll in early.


I set up somewhat on Friday to sell some of my Hot Wheels that I sell at regular events. I also set up a small amount of 303® and STA-BIL® Products for display. They had a karaoke contest on Friday night which was interesting to say the least. Afterwards, they just showed rock concert videos for all to enjoy while everyone also enjoys a large campfire. Others were back at their respective campsites catching up with friends they had not seen for a while.


Saturday we woke up to rain but this did not dampen the spirits of the attendees. They still participated in the games that they could in the rain and the ones they could not were moved under cover to dryer conditions. The kids also were able to get into the games. Our granddaughter Catherine was there as was our daughter’s boyfriend’s son Luke. They did well in the games in spite of the rain. The vans and trucks lined up along the show field to show and be judged. It was a damp field but it still was a good showing. I walked the field to see the ones entered. Some had pulled out already but most remained. I picked a good one for my choice for the CRO award.

The awards were handed out on Saturday night. The kid’s awards were first and our granddaughter Catherine received 4 awards. Luke also received 4 as well. The nice thing that Twilight did was give all the kids who participated in the games a backpack filled with goodies for school or pre-school. This was a great thing and greatly appreciated.  Wendy won the candle guess game and won a nice glass pumpkin votive. Adult games were presented and the van show awards as well.The best of show went to Jim Fry and Donna Hart with their 2010 Ford Van White Knight. I went out and walked the field and then conferred with Wendy and she agreed. Our choice for the CRO Sponsors Award was a sweet survivor 1978 Ford Econoline owned by Bill Dutt of Blandon, PA. A well-deserved choice.

After the awards the kids were treated to trick or treating since they were all dressed up and everyone filled their bags with candy. None of the kids at the event went away without candy or goodies of some sort. Then the band started up and everyone had a good time. I unfortunately retired for the night as I could barely stand up let alone walk. I just listened to the band from the RV and they were great. They really rocked.


Sunday came and everyone packed up and headed home. It was over too soon. Fall Fest is a great run and put on by a great group. Twilight Truckers is doing it again next year and I cannot wait.

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