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Labor Day Fair and Car Show

Gto12012Doom N Gloom weather forecast of severe storms including hail and high winds, it almost kept me home.  Took both rides out there and donated a package of Cool Rides Online materials, product and my last hat as a door prize and handed out Cool Rides Online invites to all that attended.

This was a charity show for the 1st Congregational Church.  This show always attracts the highest quality cars in the area.  Good Times!

Many in attendance started leaving as the clouds and wind kicked up.  The event officials called the awards an hour early.  Less than 15 minutes after safely returning my rides to the garage.  SH…t hit the fan.  Over 100 other entries took the gamble to make the show too.

As this was the 1st time out of the garage for my Sunbird in over 2yrs.  Justa driving it made my day.  Also the 1st time the wife drove the GTO and I got to see it move!  AWESOME DAY!

One of our newest members was in attendance and it was cool to have a chance to meet him and his Maverick.


By Steve FanteJusta6

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