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M1 Concourse VIP Show

Gto12007VIP, Invite only, pre-Woodward Dream Cruise car show meeting to update progress over the last year. Amazing idea using 80 acres that was the GM Truck plant here in Pontiac right on Woodward Ave. Plans include personal garages/storage of your cars, restaurants, DRIVING COURSE, skid pad and much more.

What an amazing car party! I’ve been amazed at past M1 events, the exotic’s that showed up. Tonight trumped them all. Never seen so many Lamb’s, Ferrari’s, Lotus and even Rolls, Bentleys. The list goes on and on right down Rat rods. Many auto world celebrities, local TV stations (nice shot of the GTO in a pan over the show) were treated to some of the finest metal in the area. We were also treated to a chicken and ribs dinner. I was proud to represent Cool Rides Online and GOLD EAGLE and gave out some nice bundles of product, hat, CRO invite, stickers. I had to use some of my 104+ products, but well worth it. Check out some of 300+ cars that were there.

Right on Woodward Ave, this place will be the center of all things automotive from concerts and car shows to driving and dining. This will be THE automotive social WORLD all in one place.

I also posted in the forum with many more pictures for our members.

This could be an awesome connection for CRO.  Working to get Brad here on CRO and would be awesome parking setup for the STA-BIL® rig in years to come.


By Steve Fante – Justa6

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