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MOPAR or NoPar

Another year, another opportunity to educate MOPAR enthusiasts about Gold Eagle automotive products and Cool Rides Online! That was the plan when Cool Rides Online Champion, Curt Kimmel headed out to Carlisle, Pennsylvania to set up on Thursday. Friday morning, the area was met with a deluge of rain. This was not a great start for this massive Chrysler event, where people come from all over the United States and Canada to attend. Champ Kimmel found the CRO Booth intact, but somewhat flooded. Luckily, the mud and water were outside of the tent. As the skies started clearing up, everything drained.

Friday’s rain was a factor with the number of participants passing by the booth. As the sun came out, more and more people stopped by inquiring about 303 products and Sta-Bil. This was also an opportunity to tell them about Cool Rides Online and also to hand out some samples.

Saturday morning arrived with blue skies and sunshine. Upon arrival at the booth, Curt had a customer inquiring about 303 products. This was a good start. As the morning passed, more and more people stopped by asking questions and obtaining free samples. Tom Wopat, “Luke Duke” of the”Dukes of Hazzard” fame was the celebrity on hand signing autographs and posing for photos with the attendees. Champ Curt even met a couple from North Carolina, whose 1970 Plymouth Superbird was resurrected on Velocity’s “Graveyard Carz”. The episode was shown about 2 years ago and Curt asked Mike and Jennifer Hill about their experience on the show.

Early evening on Saturday provided some entertainment for the spectators; a Burn-out Contest, sponsored by Petty’s Garage and a “Daisy Duke” contest. The smell of burnt rubber and volumes of smoke filled the senses as vehicle after vehicle vied for top honors. Kevin Cox, in his 1972 Dodge Demon, walked away with the trophy and coveted Richard Petty Hat. Fifteen ladies “strutted their stuff” across the stage for the “Daisy Duke” contest. These ladies ages ranged from late teens to middle aged. The oldest contestant told the crowd that she entered the contest to embarrass her son. Mission accomplished! After several rounds, Lynn M. won $300.

Sunday was met with more blue skies, sunshine, and cool temperatures. A Canadian lady informed she fell in love with the Aerospace Protectant. Sunday turned out to be a slower day since many people were packing up or had already departed.

Overall, It was a good weekend! Over 2,700 cars and trucks were on display making this one of the most attended attractions in Carlisle history. Thousands of Plymouths, Dodges, Chryslers, and related vehicles filled the surrounding fields and hills of the Carlisle Fairgrounds. At the conclusion of the show, it is customary for the winners to parade their vehicles past the grandstand for all to see. Curt even learned that one of his friends was a 1st place winner in the PT Cruiser division. For anything and everything Chrysler related, the place to go is Carlisle. “If it’s not MOPAR, its NoPar”.

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