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October Car Fest and the CRO Sponsor’s Choice Award


Due to weather on Saturday, October 12th, we had our show rained out and had to utilize our rain date of Sunday, October 13th. That affected the turnout for the show. We were originally expecting between 125-140 cars to be present, but we ended up with a total of 83 cars and trucks, 26 of which were club members cars.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the day and have a good time at the show, and I had about 15 people ask me directly about the CRO banner, the CRO and STA-BIL information and rebate forms passed out with the registration forms. In spite of the low car turnout, our 50/50 drawing paid $90 to the winning ticket holder, and $90 dollars to the Backpack Program here in Baxter County, AR that provides a package of food on Friday afternoon before they leave school for the weekend to children of low-income families. In addition, we usually give out a People’s Choice trophy at this show, anyone can purchase a ticket for $1 and vote for their favorite ride, this year, due to the expected low turnout, I (club vice president) and the other club officers talked about it and decided before the show started that instead of doing that this year, and donating the usual $25-$30 taken in from that to the Backpack Program, we would talk to the other club members present at the show. By a unanimous vote of the 43 members present, no People’s Choice would be held, but we would instead add an additional $50 to the Backpack Program. Over the next few days, I will get pictures posted from the show, including some taken “above the action” thanks to the neighbor of one of our members. Scott H. brought his boom truck out for us and took me up in the boom to about 85 feet so we could get some good pictures of the cars that were present. Very nice of him, but my knee is wishing the bucket either had a door or wasn’t chest high, getting in wasn’t that big a deal, but trying to use one leg to push up with and then bend the really bad knee to get it over and out was a pain, literally. Had to use my cane for a couple of hours after that, but the view was worth it!

As far as show awards are concerned, members of the Classic Chevy Club of North Arkansas are eligible for a Top 5 plaque for the top 5 cars in the judging, and those are the only awards we are eligible for, along with the 50/50 drawing. That drawing has been one once by a club member over the 10 years we have had a Fall show, and that member turned around and said rather than taking his winnings, he wanted to have another number drawn so that a non-club member could receive the cash. We provide non-club members with a number of awards and trophies. We have plaques for the Top 75 non-club cars to sign up to be judged (this year due to the turnout we only had 31 non-club members sign up to be judged). We have a longest distance traveled award which was one this year by a couple that traveled 557 miles and showed up in a black 1962 Chevy Impala SS. We have a Judge’s Choice award where the show judge’s select a vehicle, judged or not, that just happens to catch their eye. The winner of that this year went to the disabled (wheelchair-bound) owner of a 1923 Chevrolet Delivery Van that isn’t quite finished but is being turned into a T-bucket sized vehicle that looks like an old horse-drawn enclosed milk wagon. We also have two Best of Show awards, one for 1987 and older, and one for 1988 and newer. This year’s winners of those awards was a 1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air (who also received the CRO Sponsor’s Choice Award) and a 2011 Chevrolet Corvette that traveled to Mountain Home from Texas and missed out on the longest distance award by 23 miles.


157 - CRO Sponsor's Choice Award winnerThe gentleman who was the awarded the CRO Sponsor’s Choice package is Ray B. of Mountain View, AR. His ride is a bright red 1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air with a tan interior.

Info on Ray’s Bel-Air:

  • It rides on a Paul Newman C-4 Corvette chassis.
  • The powerplant is a 5.7 L Corvette LS-6 engine.
  • The transmission is a GM 4L60E.
  • C-4 Corvette front suspension with power rack and pinion steering.
  • C-4 Corvette rear-end with a 3.45 final gear ratio.
  • It also has tilt wheel, cruise control, air conditioning, power windows, and power disc brakes.

Ray also stated that he and some friends in Mountain View, AR have started a car club of their own over the past two months, so far they already have 18 members, but have yet to decide on a name for their club. While he and I were talking after the show he asked a few more questions about CRO, so I told him about the website, the facebook page, and about Gold Eagle and the products they make. He said that he has been using STA-BIL for a long time.


Thank you again to yourself and all the folks at Gold Eagle for helping to make our show the success it was, everyone in the club raved about the banner and the door prizes that were sent to us, and many of the folks who received them said they usually get better stuff at our show than some of the others around here, and that this year the prizes were even better.





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