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PT Cruisers Cruise into Dover

Lone Wolf Outlaw Cruiser – PT Cruiser Show in Dover, DE (June 3, 2016)

The Lone Wolf Outlaw Cruisers, hosted their 10th annual PT Cruiser show in Dover, DE on June 3rd and 4th. The event started on Friday evening with a drive on Dover’s “Monster Mile”, NASCAR’s fastest mile. Approximately 20 PT Cruisers took advantage of “racing” on the track at speeds upward of 40 mph (Watch the video!). Yes, the Pace Car ensured that all participants drove safely and abided by the rules. If anyone misbehaved, the drive would be cut short. Luckily that did not happen. The group also received a tour of Pit Row and the Media Center.


Later on Friday night, the LWOC hosted a “Glow and Show” adjacent to the host hotel’s parking lot. Vehicles were invited to show up and “light up”. It was interesting how the owners utilized their LEDs, strobes, monitors, and even LED sneakers in their displays. The winner was “PT Elvis”, who had Graceland all lit up and Elvis gyrating on his DVD monitor.


Saturday was the actual car show. About 60 PT Cruisers were in attendance, each one of them different than the rest. The owner’s personalities and/or interests determined how they modified and displayed their PT Cruiser. There were several patriotic themes present, the previously mentioned “Elvis”, a “Route 66”, one that portrayed “Flower Power”, and many more. Imagination was the only factor limiting these vehicles.

After a beautiful day in the sun, with the cars parked under a vintage US Air Force aircraft, it was time for the awards. The LWOC presented numerous awards for “People’s Choice”, “Best of Show”, and for some other specificly-themed awards. The awards for the “Glow & Show” were also presented at this time. Gold Eagle/CRO was a sponsor of this show, and as such, I had the privilege and duty to select what I thought was the “Coolest Ride”. This is never an easy task but something that must be done. After careful deliberation I selected Alex Milo’s PT Cruiser, with “lambo” and “suicide” doors, and customization from front to back. This was truly a “Cool Ride”.

The USO was the charity for this event. All proceeds from the “Chinese Auction”, “Live Auction”, sponsors, and 50/50 raffle went to this cause. After all was said and done, $3,000 was raised for this charity. This event reunites friends and family from across the nation and even Canada to enjoy a weekend of camaraderie and fellowship just because we have a shared interest. Each participant received samples of 303® Aerospace Protectant and business cards with instructions on joining Cool Rides Online.

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