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CRO Champs In Action: SEMA 2014

IMG_0187I arrived in Las Vegas on Monday morning. I immediately called Marcel to let him know that I was in town and to offer my assistance. After picking up my SEMA badge I walked to the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) and wandered through the massive Central Hall until I found my destination, booth #21551, STA-BIL 303. I immediately recognized Marcel from his photo on Cool Rides Online and was introduced to the STA-BIL staff: Debbie, Bruce, Steve, Tom, Nick, Howard, CJ, Bob, Rich, Bobby Cleveland, and others.

Progress of setting up the booth and having it prepared for opening day on Tuesday, 4 Nov 14, was hindered due to the location of the booth; it was located near the back door and several vendors were still bringing in their cars. Every time the door was opened, dust flew in. The ’71 Camaro was in place (but covered) and the display was erected, but there was still a lot to be completed. The staff all chipped in to do what was needed and I even helped where Debbie would allow me. Products were displayed, photo booth set up, floors scrubbed, and carpets were vacuumed. Everything looked ready to go for opening day.

After a long day, I witnessed the toll it took on the staff. They were starting to look beat. Later Monday night, they had a party to attend so they could look forward to having some time to relax and get psyched up for what was to come Tuesday morning.

This was my first time at SEMA where I was able to see behind the scenes and be a part of contributing to the success of STA-BIL’s booth. I met some great people and was looking forward to a great show.

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