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Summerset 17

100_5614Summerset  17-Saving Second Base was held October  10th to 12th in Gratz, PA at the Gratz Fairgrounds. It is hosted by the Pennsylvania Van Council, Inc.  of which I am member and secretary. This is a small event and very personal. We attempt to make everyone feel as welcome as we can and succeed in doing so. The Gratz area is Amish country and a beautiful valley for scenic drives and country living. We had attendees from areas all over PA, NY, NJ, DE, MD, VA and beyond.

Friday was sign in day and setting up camp for everyone. Several vendors were there to sell their wares including yours truly. This year we decided that we were going to donate all of our proceeds to City Of Hope for Breast Cancer.  At this point it is looking like our donation is around $1400+/-. This does not include a donation of $400 that was made by one of our member clubs, Twilight Truckers. This was a great thing for them to do. While there I also represented Cool Rides Online and as a Cool Rides Champ. Certificates and samples were placed in all goody bags that were handed out to attendees. Also had product that we used to obtain a donation towards City of Hope. All the money donated for product taken was donated as well.

Friday night we had several games of Left Right Center which is a great game for people to be involved in. There was music provided by yours truly through means of a small PA set up and MP3 player. Simple but effective.  There was rain on Friday evening and overnight but nothing to damper the festivities.

Saturday began with showers which delayed the start of many of the activities including the van show. But the rain stopped and the show must go on. Our show and shine is a little different in that we do not judge the show. We allow the attendees to do that by voting for their favorite in various categories. 1st and 2nd awards were given out as well as best of awards. The Best of Show went to Jeff and Crystal Marx for their Chevy Van which they have been working on for several years with many body mods and fresh paint. I choose Chas and Sue Woefel’s 83 Ford Van for the CRO Sponsor’s Choice award.  They won the award plus a hat and an assortment of product. Every winner in the show also received product of their choosing from the assortment.

There were games for both the children and adults in attendance throughout the day on Saturday. Pumpkin Bowling, Balloon launch, horseshoes, etc. Even a van pull by the kids. Of course the van was a Tonka Van. A Costume contest was done for young and old alike. Trick or Treating was done for the children in attendance with all of them receiving large bags of candy, etc. given out by people in attendance. There was also a youngest and oldest vanner in attendance award given. Oldest was Ron MacCasland at 77 years young and youngest was 2 ½ years old won by Catherine Marks who also happened to be our granddaughter.

Saturday night everyone was entertained by an all girl band called Girl Crue. To say these girls rock is an understatement. They rocked everyone throughout the evening.

Sunday came all too fast and everyone headed home. This event is pretty much one of the last vanning events of the year held outside in the northeast. As the weather changes, all activities move to indoor hall parties and larger auto shows. Thanks to all who attended and donated to a worthy cause.

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