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Week two of the NHRA Summit Racing Series

Cool Rides Online VegaWell the 2nd week of points of racing has come and gone. This week started off better than last, simply by making it through time shots with both cars, with no issues. Last weekend, in the CoolRidesOnline Vega, I was quite rusty on the tree and was awarded a red light start during first round of competition, ending my points for the weekend at 5 (you get 5 for showing up, and 5 for each round win).  I ended up going -.006 red in the first round. The Camaro lost a sprag in the converter during the 2nd time shot, putting it back in the trailer, and ending it’s day. All in all, not the greatest start to the new season.

This week, I was able to fix the 1969 NMC Camaro with a loaner converter (from a fellow CoolRidesOnline member), while I have a new one built. So both cars were at the track for Friday nights Test & Tune. After running both cars multiple times, I felt I had a good handle on the tree in both of them. Saturday comes and the CoolRidesOnline Vega was running great, was deadly consistent through all three time trials, and all three lights were very respectable “teen” lights. Two of them were even on the green side! The car was running so good that it had no trouble taking the #1 spot in this weeks Sportsman Dial for Dollars (DfD) by running a 8.043 on a 8.04 dial.  In the Camaro, I was also cutting good lights, but ran .02 under my dial (too fast) in the Super Pro DfD, but I was also feeling very good going into the first round.

First round comes for Vega, and I cut a better light than the guy in the other lane. The air had changed and both of our cars were running too fast and we both broke out. BUT, I did my best to drive the big end, and I only broke out by .01 (8.03 on a 8.04 dial) while he broke out by .03 (8.98 on a 9.01 dial), making me closer to my dial, and therefor the double breakout winner.  Come 2nd round, I get drawn for the bye and get to use it, moving me onto 3rd round. Well, that’s when my day was ended by a red light start for the second week in row. Only difference is, at least this time I was able to go some rounds and score some much needed points (15).

In the Camaro, I just simply got the best the guy in the other lane had to offer. I had a nice .016 RT, but got hammered by his .008 RT and I couldn’t make up the difference as he also ran dead on his dial (5.188 on a 5.18 dial). That means he put together a .016 package (dragsters are deadly), and since I used exactly .016 in my RT alone, I was doomed from the starting line unless I ran a perfect dial followed by two zeros. So I buy back, which you are allowed to do if you lose first round. You can gain no points, but for a fee, you can get a second chance at the purse. This time, I lay down a .005 RT, but the other guy smacks me with .001 RT. My car runs one number off on the big end and the Camaro too is done for the day with a 5 point showing.

The racing going on right now, right out of the gate, is some of the tightest racing I’ve ever seen. For instance, in Sportsman (footbrake only), .01 to a .04 RT will win one a lot of races, in the finals of this weeks race it was .002 vs. .004 (previous rounds RT’s). For those who know footbrake racing, it simply doesn’t get that tight very often. It’s going to be a very fun, very competitive season to say the least, and I for one am glad to be part of it. As of week 2, the CoolRidesOnline Vega is tied for 2nd place in the Bunker Hill Summit Points series, and the NMC Camaro is NOT tied for 2nd in Super Pro points. lol.

Now it’s time to get ready for week 3!


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