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Woodward Dream Cruise

Gto 12 092American cars from as far away as Australia, make the annual pilgrimage back to Detroit to celebrate in the largest car gathering in the world.   Stock, modified, custom, race cars all hit the streets to show off their pride N joys.

Every American automotive related industry is represented from magazines to celeb’s.  TV icon cars are brought here. Many of the BIG 3  showcase and introduce their new models. Exotic’s are all represented from Fords GT’s to Lamborghini’s to Ferrari’s. All cruising the M1, America’s 1st paved road,  our beloved WOODWARD AVE! 16 Miles of cruising most all of it 4 rows deep with millions of spectators.  Then you turn around and see the other side of the Avenue on your way back.

9 cities along the route all with their own displays, events, live music and epic parties,  Live TV coverage from all cities, and even from the air.

For many of us this is our Christmas, 4th of July and all other holidays all wrapped up into 2 days of automotive bliss.  Hope YOU can make the party next year!

By Steve FanteJusta6

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