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World’s Fastest Lawnmower Driver

Hi Y’all!

I spent the days before the event painting and rebuilding the engine on my mower. Kerry, Pat, and Chuck arrived on Thursday afternoon to help me finish my heads and finish the engine. Jennifer and Paul arrived on Thursday also and all of us had a nice dinner that night.

On Friday we were all out at the speedway early and they were still having the Shootout for the fastest vehicles that week. We got in three runs and had belt troubles all day and didn’t break any records. Before we left that night we decided to change the rear pulley on the transmission and was hoping for the best the next day.

On Saturday I was concerned about breaking the record but with all my support I felt better. On our first run we broke the record at almost 89 mph in 5th gear. The next run we decided to put it in 6th as we had concerns that the engine would pull it or not and was amazed at how much faster it was. We got up to 97.3 mph and reset the land speed record at 96.529 mph.


Well we had a good time that night talking trash and patting each other on the back. In the back of my mind I think about 100 mph especially since I found that my belt was slipping. Well maybe next time.

Me with my pit crew

I want to thank Paul and Jennifer for all their efforts getting this event set-up.
Also Thanks to Chuck Miller for helping me rebuild the mower and engine. He also ordered several parts and had parts made that we used. Kerry Evans, Pat Sullivan, and Mark Boyce were a big help while we were there. I couldn’t have done this without them.

The official certificate

A great event for Gold Eagle and 104+ Octane Boost. Also the promoter Mike Cook is already for us to come back. His crew said they had more fun with our crew than any other racers out there. The Lawnmower rules!

Until next time.

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