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STA-BIL 360º Custom Car Sweepstakes Winner Presentation

Sta-Bil Custom Car SweepstakesSEMA Week concludes today here at Cool Rides Online. This week we looked at the 2014 Cool Rides Scavenger Hunt and the winners of the contest, the history of SEMA, cool things to see at SEMA Show and a profile of SEMA Show. Today we look at the STA-BIL 360º Sweepstakes and the presentation to the winner.

Classic car enthusiasts have anxiously awaited the announcement of who won the custom 1971 Chevrolet Camaro from the STA-BIL/Car Fix Sweepstakes. The time has come to reveal the lucky person’s identity. Here is a look at the contest, car and winner.


About the Custom 1971 Camaro

The 1971 Camaro is a classic muscle car. To make the car even more special, Jared Zimmerman and Lou Santiago, the two hosts of “Car Fix,” did an awesome job transforming the vehicle into a work-of-art. The original car was located in Tampa, Florida. In under five months, the men managed a total renovation that customized the drivetrain, body, and interior. After the bodywork was completed, a magnificent paint job was added. Rich Milton applied a golden yellow coat to the Camaro. Today, it is a one-of-a-kind sporty yellow hot rod.


About the STA-BIL 360º Custom Car Sweepstakes

The contest was sponsored by STA-BIL® to introduce and promote the latest protection product in the line. STA-BIL 360º is a fuel treatment aimed to provide ethanol comprehensive corrosion protection. The company teamed up with the Discovery Channel to give away a spectacular vehicle.

To enter, participants were asked to visit the “sweepstakes” page on the official Velocity website. No purchase was necessary to enter. The contest wrapped up August 31, 2014.


The STA-BIL 360º Custom Car Sweepstakes Winner Is Announced

The winner of the custom restored 1971 Camaro was announced on a special episode of “Car Fix.” The lucky person driving away with the vehicle is Douglas B. from Florida. He will finally be presented with the Camaro live at the 2014 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Besides the car and paid trip to Vegas, Douglas also will receive $30,000. After following the renovation process, it is very exciting to own a vehicle that looks fabulous on the outside and is protected on the inside.


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