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The 1984 Chevy El Camino Had Muscle and Functionality

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From CRO Member Donny Triplett

In our final installment this week of August 2016’s Ride of the Month we feature the 1984 Chevy El Camino presented by nominee Donny Triplett. Here is some general information about the vehicle.

Note: This is not information about the actual vehicle nominated for August’s Ride of the Month, just general information on the vehicle itself. Please check the link at the bottom of today’s article to view all the actual vehicles nominated for this month’s Ride of the Month.

The Chevy El Camino has always remained one of the most versatile cars ever created. Although it offered the versatility of a pickup truck, the El Camino’s muscle car heritage was obvious. Here is why the 1984 Chevy El Camino was such a pivotal model.

Detuned Performance

Like some many other cars during the mid-1980s, the 1984 Chevy El Camino’s performance was somewhat hindered by the new smog laws. Nevertheless, it still had the ability to put a smile of the driver’s face. While a six-cylinder engine came standard, the 305-cubic-inch V8 was an easy choice for die-hard muscle car enthusiasts. Chevy tuned the 5.0-liter engine to produce a satisfying 150 horsepower and 240 pound-feet of torque. When accelerating from a dead stop, the 1984 El Camino ripped a 0-60 time of around 8.4 seconds. Meanwhile, drivers could expect a quarter-mile time of 16.5 seconds.

Malibu-inspired Styling

Upon viewing the 1984 Chevy El Camino from the front, there was no overlooking the car’s Malibu-inspired styling. Likes its stable mate, the El Camino featured dual side-by-side headlights and a crosshatch grille. A chrome bumper further enhanced the El Camino’s curb appeal. If you wanted to separate yourself from the crowd, the racy SS appearance package was available as a custom order. A cool-looking set of Rally wheels gave additional bragging rights to El Camino owners. Light Blue Metallic and Maroon Metallic were just a couple of the eye-catching paint colors offered. Quite a few interior enhancements were available as well, including bucket seats and an upgraded gauge cluster.

Overcoming Barriers

Despite been subjected to the government’s new environmental restrictions, the 1984 Chevrolet El Camino proved that it could overcome the odds. There were still plenty of drivers who adored the car’s ability to haul a load. The available diesel engine increased the El Camino’s towing capacity to an impressive 5,000 pounds. Besides, serious performance junkies had no problem swapping in a bigger engine.

As you can see, the 1984 Chevy Camino only had a few direct rivals. Did the car’s reduced power actually take away from its fun factor?


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