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The 2017 Prototypes Are Setting the Trend for the Future

Based on the current prototypes, the 2017 model year is expected to be a monumental date in automotive history. This should be music to the ears of a genuine car enthusiast. Here are three vehicles to keep your eyes on.


Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3Tesla has quickly become one of the most innovative carmakers in the world. While the company’s current lineup of vehicles is impressive, Tesla’s are a tad bit too expensive for the average American. The upcoming Tesla Model 3 may prove to be a true game changer. Not only will the electric-powered sedan cost less than $40,000, but it could also have a 250-mile driving range. The original concept vehicle looks sleek and stylish. Because of the its impressive driving range, the Model 3 will definitely be worthy of an out-of-town road trip. Tesla is already planning to open new charging stations throughout the country.


Lincoln Continental

2017 Lincoln ContinentalOver the last few years, Lincoln has taken the necessary steps to reinvent its brand. For good reason, the 2017 Lincoln Continental has caused quite a stir. It is far more dazzling than the last Continental to hit the market. The full-size luxury sedan’s eye-catching headlight design and muscular stance help it to stand out from crowd. In contrast to the previous Continental models, the new version will feature an AWD system. While the official performance numbers have yet to be announced, a 3.0L EcoBoost engine is anticipated to be its power source.


Ford GT

2017 Ford GTWith cars such as the Mustang GT350 in Ford’s stable, it has definitely focused on developing more high-performance vehicles. The 2017 Ford GT certainly has a lot of sports car fans on the edge of their seat. While some people are disappointed by Ford’s decision not to use a V-8 engine, the GT’s performance should make up for its absence. The twin-turbocharged V-6 engine is rumored to pump out 700 horsepower. The car’s fiberglass body and high-tech wizardry could help it to deliver a stunning performance on the track. From a styling standpoint, it looks like a futuristic version of the previous model.


As you can see, the automotive world has a lot to look forward to in 2017. While these three cars have the potential to be trendsetters, there are bound to be some other vehicles that leap to the forefront.

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